Hollow Eve Festival 392 Map

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Shop Key

Shop Appearance Shop Name Types of Inventory
1 a sleek wagon Spikan's Sporrans Belt-Worn Containers
1 stretched hide tent Osgeth's (1) Facepaint and war paint (Barbarian only parts)
1 sturdy red oak wagon Vishlan's Wares Barbarian only. Barbarian equipment. Chakrel.
1 gleaming mahogany caravan Rizadi's Outfitters clothing, shoes, suspenders
1 mottled wagon Packrat's Piece of Paradise containers
2 mildewed tent Odiferous Ornaments low quality clothing
2 rusty steel door Slings and Things Sling weapons and ammo
2 a scrubbed metal door hung with a gingham trimmed sign Shugar's Cookie Emporium Food, Treat Bags and Cookie Sacks
2 a small shack illuminated by colored lights Nectar of the Wisp One use glowing items
2 a large mud hut Witchery magical items
2 a large covered pavilion The Archivist Random spell scrolls
2 a large caravan Just Desserts Food, Clothing, Aprons, Baking Implements
3 a large rickety wagon Amylia's Attic Second-Hand Clothing, Armor, Weapons, Jewelry and Furniture
3 a yellow silk tent Simply Essential Decorative Gem Pouches, Skinning and Carving Knives
3 a circular silk tent Scabbards 'n' Sheaths weapon containers
3 a silvery velvet tent flying gold-edged sable pennants Elahkti's Metal Arts metal armor and tabards
3 a small door The Smaller Side of Life Armor, Weapons, Clothing, Containers (Mostly Gnome only)
3 a dark pine wagon hung with silver rattles and warding beads Misenseor Goods scrolls, clothing, weapons, jewelry, prayer mats
3 a multi-room tent Creepy Costumes Costumes
4 a compact pale canvas tent Stuff It packs and clothing
4 a gaudy wagon Glythtide's Gifts and Gags Joke items
4 a deep black wagon painted with silvery cobwebs Obscure Memories Weapons, clothing, and accessories
4 a small booth strung with colorful pennants Hollow Bellies Food
4 a dented black door The Toss-O-Rama Throwing weapons
4 a purple tent painted with lavender blossoms Lavender and Lace purple and white clothing
4 a wood-shingled wagon Forever Faithful God-themed cambrinth jewelry and containers; weapons
4 a dark wagon The Haunted House Home Furniture
4 a large wagon with elegantly carved cedarwood siding Eternal Moments Premium Only Paintings
5 a heavy steel door covered in a myriad of locks Sputkin's Weapons, containers, accessories, icons, and chimes
5 a driftwood door The Mind of Sdai Gift Bags
6 a rusting metal door Funny Bones dice and relating gaming equipment
6 a cherrywood door Courtly Styles cufflinks, ties, suspenders, walking canes
7 a narrow wooden door A Cultured Attire Weapons, armor, and fluff for the Elven clans.
7 a damaged bronze door A Second Round used clothing, containers and jewelry
8 a tarnished metal door with wooden supports riveted to it Jubby's Tattoos Tattoos
8 a banded-bronze door on rusting hinges Barbarian Paradise Juggling, weapon sheaths, and war paint stamps
9 a ramshackle produce stand A Ramshackle Produce Stand Pumpkins
9 a deep blue tent Aqueous Accoutrements Housing
9 a large wagon Sibtiem's Creations Jewelry
9 a fuzzy white tent The Naked Sheep wool clothing
9 a colossal mahogany caravan with fluttering gold pennants The Male Persuasion male clothing
9 a perfectly pretentious pavilion Blanve's Bounty exotic jewelry (estate holders only)
10 an opulent ivory silk tent trimmed with gold braid The Perfect Rose Clothing and Jewelry
10 a red flannel tent Sleepwalkers Sleepwear
10 a small blue caravan painted with white snowdrifts Turialo's Haven, Winter Wear Winter-themed clothing, jewelry, packs and sheaths
10 a small wagon cheerfully painted with spring scenes Turialo's Haven, Spring Sunshine Spring-themed clothing, jewelry, and packs
10 a small wagon painted with a summer scenes Turialo's Haven, Summer Day Summer-themed clothing, jewelry, and packs
10 a large caravan fancifully decorated with autumn scenes Turialo's Haven, Autumn Colors Autumn-themed clothing and jewelry
11 a polished oak caravan accented with bronze trim Whimsies Clothing, Jewelry
11 a dark oak caravan accented with colorful designs Delicate Creations Clothing
11 a stark white tent painted with a large red eye The Eye of Power cambrinth
11 a dirty wagon with a bloodstained door Dying to Shop containers, crossbows, pestles, pinatas
11 a smoke-damaged aquamarine tent Fishy's Pants Mart Clothing that explodes
11 an oilcloth stall Fall's Harvest Apple-themed items
11 a bright red wagon Bright Wishes Jewelry
11 a small white wagon painted to resemble a rose-adorned wedding cake Never Too Late Gift Boxes and Chests
11 a flower-print tent Nidia's Floral Arrangements Flowers and Flower Arrangements
11 a dark velvet tent Jewelry In Phases Moon-themed Jewelry
11 a dark spidersilk tent The Darkbox Lair Game
12 a simple red oak caravan Sketchy By Design writing supplies and paintings
12 a crooked shed In the Hollow Pinatas
12 a sagging black wagon Disenchantments items for jilted lovers
12 an ebonwood wagon Visions of Holiness clothing, jewelry, weapons, armor, holy relics, alchemy supplies
12 a spacious tent of dark ebony silk Amulets by Liathe God-themed jewelry
12 a flimsy wooden stall Signs of the Times Signs that you can stand on the ground
12 a carved wooden wagon decorated with animal caricatures Your Inner Animal Animal-themed clothing
12 a large purple and white tent The Terrific Turnip Turnip-themed items of all kinds
13 a billowing black tent Asketi's Stop weapons, leather armor, clothing
13 a patched tent Sable's Tent clothing, magic masks, wings
13 a leather tent with a battered tin chimney Yarrel's Varmint Vittles meat and alcoholic beverages
13 a bleached felt tent See The Light Cleric Only
13 a large ornate door Behind the Mask masks
13 a dilapidated door Mob Mentality weapons and clothes
13 a steel green door Beppo's Badges, Belts, and Buckles Guild- and god-themed accessories
13 a dented iron door Tricky Treats Empty
14 a low steel door Fangs for the Memory Verby fangs, claws, whips, and clothing
15 a wildly curvy door made up of S-shaped boards Bobbin' For Bolts Game (WARNING: May Kill You)
15 some ironwood double doors Tending the Fold Origami, Religious Tabards
16 a battered oak shelf with some stuff on it Kaleidoscopes Kaleidoscopes
17 a small door decorated with a set of bowling pins being eaten by a skull Skull Bowling Bowling Game
B a gaudily clothed barker Three Frog Monte Frog Kissing Game
C A crowd of spectators Ring Toss Ring Toss Game
D Darkbox 100 Dokora to play
E Strength Test Game
F Sandbox Game
Hidden  ? Thick as Thieves Thief only