Bright Wishes

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Bright Wishes
Event Chris' Mass Festival 396, Hollow Eve Festival 392
# of Rooms 2
Store Type Jewelry shops
This store only accepts Dokoras

[Bright Wishes, Salesroom]
Brightly lit candles and soft velvet carpets make this small room appear cozy rather than cramped. Placed against the walls to create a narrow walkway, two polished tables draped with velvet flank a silk-lined glass case that hangs near an archway leading to an area behind the wagon. An open door leads outside. You also see a tiered stand with some stuff on it.

On the velvet-draped table
Item Price Done
bright copper heart pendant on a red silk ribbon 5,368   No
delicate silver pendant shaped like a pair of hands strung on a pale violet silk ribbon 6,927   No
razor-sharp silver sword pendant on a dark leather cord 2,514   No
bright silver thirteen-point star pendant on a blue silk ribbon 29,874   No
On the polished table
Item Price Done
pale pink porcelain rose pendant suspended from a braided white silk ribbon 21,604   No
brushed silver heart-shaped earrings 1,731   No
dainty copper pinkie ring 173   !!
polished copper heart-shaped earrings 346   No
In the glass case
Item Price Done
lustrous pink silk hair ribbons 18,040   !!
slender silver hairpins inset with sapphire stars 8,650   No
heavy bronze raven pendant on a fine silver chain 8,724   No
slender silver earcuff dangling a trio of tiny bronze moons 1,414   No
emerald-eyed gold yak pendant suspended from a long platinum chain 141,909   No
On the tiered stand
Item Price Done
finely carved ebony wolf charm suspended from a dark leather cord 5,577   No
tiny silver fae charm with sapphire-flecked wings 6,492   !!
sparkling ruby heart charm 61,696   No
sleeping porcelain cat charm 32,472   !!
bright blue and yellow enameled pansy charm 32,472   No

[Bright Wishes, Firepit]
Apparently used as a makeshift stable and cooking area, this narrow gap contains little more than a firepit in a circle of trampled hay and a few crates of discarded trash. Four tall horses are tethered to one side, well supplied with feed and water. An occasional restless step by one of the horses towards the wagon draws an answering flash of movement from something behind one of the large wheels. A narrow arch leads back inside. You also see a wooden plank with some stuff on it.

On the wooden plank
Item Price Done
battered silver thirteen-pointed star on a dirty silk ribbon 631   No
bent silver hairpin set with chips of sapphire 631   No
bright yellow and blue enameled pansy with a broken leaf 631   No
broken ruby heart charm 541   No
dull silver sword pendant on a dark leather cord 451   !!
mismatched copper and silver earrings 631   No
one-eared porcelain cat charm 631   No
roughly-carved ebony wolf on a knotted leather cord 631   No
shapeless bronze pendant suspended from a tangled silver chain ?   No
tattered pink silk hair ribbons 631   No
tiny silver fae charm with bent and twisted wings 451   No
A grimy note reads: "Gots mor stuf. Kum bak latr."
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