Courtly Styles (2)

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Courtly Styles (2)
Event Hollow Eve Festival 392, Hollow Eve Festival 396
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Clothing shops, Jewelry shops
This store only accepts Dokoras

[Courtly Styles, Annex]
Shimmering sheathes of golden velvet have been draped from the ceiling in an attempt to cover the dreary metal walls. A heavy piled carpet stretches from wall to wall, a lump of extra material in the far corner partially blocked by a long cherrywood table. A fastidious clerk appears ready to slap the hands of any vagrant that might slip something from the racks or stands. You also see a cherrywood door.

On the cherrywood table
Item Price Done
oversized silver cufflinks inset with diamond chips in the shape of a constellation 27,060   No
ironwood scorpion cufflinks with platinum stingers 24,805   No
platinum vulture cufflinks with onyx eyes 72,160   No
ivory tie with a spider dangling from a steelsilk web 11,906   No
white silk tie with a platinum skull stud in the center 11,906   No
gold silk tie decorated with skeletal horses in a swirling pattern 2,886   No
grey silk tie painted with silver falling stars 2,886   No
On the cherrywood rack
Item Price Done
white linen suspenders embroidered with dancing welkins 9,020   No
grey suspenders with silver ghoul head clasps 9,020   No
brown suspenders embroidered with bright orange pumpkins 9,020   No
green woven suspenders with polished star-shaped brass clasps 9,020   No
In the cherrywood stand
Item Price Done
bloodwood cane topped with a ruby-eyed zombie's head 23,452   
ironwood cane topped with a ring of ghosts in a crystal globe 23,452   
carved cherrywood cane topped with a pewter ball 23,452   
mistwood cane with a carved handle in the visage of a shrieking crone 23,452