Turialo's Haven (4)

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Turialo's Haven
Event Hollow Eve Festival 399, Hollow Eve Festival 403, Hollow Eve Festival 406
Owner Turialo
# of Rooms 16
Store Type Clothing shops, Jewelry shops
This store only accepts Dokoras

[Turialo's Haven]
This narrow hallway is painted from top to bottom with colorful scenes, none of them seeming to have anything to do with each other. The thick wooden walls and lush carpeting both serve to muffle sound, making this short hallway very peaceful. A small table in the corner of the room holds a few refreshments. You also see a wide archway, a solid black door and an unsanded oakwood door.
Obvious exits: north.

On the small table
Item Price Done
buttery lemon cookie 0   
fresh spring water (1) 0   
vanilla-spiced tea 0   DG
rich mocha coffee frothed with steamed milk 0   


[Turialo's Haven, Night Shadows]
Back-lit black velvet adorns the walls and ceiling, small pinholes representing stars and allowing light to peek through to form a representation of a cloudless autumn sky filled with constellations. Small mechanical fireflies buzz about on wires, making light and shadow seem to chase each other. You also see a dark mahogany shelf with several things on it, a starry velvet-draped counter with several things on it, a solid black door and an ebonwood rack with several things on it. Obvious exits: none.

On the mahogany shelf
Item Price Done
hazy blue moonstone necklace strung with a platinum chain 10,824   
six-tier necklace of cascading moonstone and sapphire cabochons 7,216   
black-veined jade drop earrings encased in a silver web 3,608   
clustered purple jade and pearl earrings 5,412   
beaded choker set in the center with a blue glass butterfly 7,216   
twisted bronze circlet suspending a large amber 10,824   
black sapphire pendant centered with an eight-point starburst 27,060   
scale-etched dark emerald band twined with polished bronze 9,020   
amethyst geode pendant suspended from a seven-strand chain 27,060   
On the velvet-draped counter
Item Price Done
raw silk fan painted with an arabesque of water lilies 45,100   
green lace fan carved with an elegant orchid motif 36,080   
slim red silk fan crafted from delicate gold slats 63,140   
delicate black jade fan patterned with red glass beading 63,140   
gauzy silk fan suspended over lotus-carved mistwood panels 72,160   
slim ebony fan decorated on both end panels with a strip of lynx fur 67,650   
On the ebonwood rack
Item Price Done
silvered blue longcoat featuring a stylized Xibar clasp 72,160   
bright scarlet waistcoat trimmed in dangling clusters of jet 90,200   !!
high-collared oceanmist satin robe cinched with plum-hued silk 676,500   !!
prim violet cashmere longcoat lined in silvery-black silk 90,200   !!
heavy shadesatin longcoat shoulder-clasped by an onyx sphere 721,600   
slender longcoat of aubergine-hued silk swept with tiny silverwood stars 72,160   
layered starlight velvet robe with an intricately knotted sash 451,000   !!
sleeveless obsidian-hued robe beaded with tiny haze sapphires 315,700   !!
voluminous wrap of cerulean-streaked ebon silk 4,510   
austere black waistcoat fettered by a trio of carved ivory comets 3,608   


[Turialo's Haven, Harvest Eve]
This portion of the hallway is decorated to resemble a lonely maple forest, with all the leaves down for the winter. Fallen leaves are painted across the wood-covered floors, and a pile of real leaves is heaped in an untidy bundle. A carved pumpkin sits on a small stool, a small candle burning inside it and sending flickers of light across the walls. You also see a simple stand with several things on it, a rough wood clothing rack with several things on it, a maplewood table with several things on it and an unsanded oakwood door. Obvious exits: east.

On the simple stand
Item Price Done
saffron-hued velvet robe side-cinched with thin birch buckles 2,255   
spice-brown raw silk gown with heavy gold-stitched skirts 4,961   !!
layered chenille robe with a lotus-embroidered sash 3,608   !!
off-white linen gown with carmine-slashed sleeves 2,074   !!
deep green velvet robe hemstitched with rows of passionflowers 2,255   
matte black velvet gown wound with braided lengths of bronze-hued satin 4,961   
flared tan silk gown with leaf-shaped copper epaulets 3,157   !!
golden silk gown belted by a trio of slim bronze chains 2,706   
sleeveless bright scarlet robe beaded with gold agates 3,608   !!
On the clothing rack
Item Price Done
cobalt silk bodice stitched with a spray of fireflies 7,216   
golden silk wrap-skirt adorned with jeweled dragonflies 5,412   !!
long black scarf of draped gossamer and chiffon layers 2,706   
flowing white scarf adorned with a circular sunstone clasp 3,157   
airy white silk scarf starred with garnet beads 3,608   
vivid cerulean silk scarf shot through with silver threads 4,059   
fragile yellow scarf fringed with polished jet beads 2,255   
ginger-hued silk blouse with carved nacre buttons 5,412   
iridescent jade silk blouse clasped with an ivory brooch 4,510   
hip-slung wrapped skirt of deep red linen 2,706   
On the maplewood table
Item Price Done
looped gold ankle-chains beaded with red jasper 5,412   
trio of twisted gold bangles dangling saffron-hued topaz beads 4,510   
carved hoop earrings of cinnabar-rubbed ivory 5,412   
seven-strand necklace of tiny cube-cut Ilithi emeralds 10,824   
silver-wrought twining orchid vine torque 3,608   
vivid jewel-tone tulip pendant colored with a colorful enamel mosaic 6,314   
silver necklace of alternating snow-white shells and blue-tinged pearls 7,216   
six-strand necklace of irregular lapis lazuli beads 3,608   
thick silver bracelets inlaid with various gemstones 6,314   No
collection of thin bangles crafted from malachite and carnelian 4,510   

[Turalio's Haven, Harvest Sky]
Decorated to resemble the inside of a barn, the walls of this small room are crafted from rough wood, and exposed beams crisscross overhead. Fresh hay is scattered across the floor, giving the area a grassy smell. The doors to the south and west stand open, leading to the other portions of the shop. You also see a large patchwork quilt with several things on it, a small birchwood table with several things on it and an unfinished wooden desk with several things on it.
Obvious exits: west.

On a large patchwork quilt
Item Price Done
leather-soled sandals strung with mahogany beads 2,706   
open-toed sandals adorned with mother-of-pearl disks 4,510   No
twine-laced sandals threaded with amber beads 1,804   No
river reed sandals with braided sinew ties 451   
red leather sandals threaded with amethyst beads 2,706   No
carmine silk slippers with round carved linden heels 4,510   No
ebony wedge-heeled slippers carved with an autumn motif 2,706   
square-toed black velvet slippers with thick onyx heels 1,262   
fern-green velvet slippers with padded leather heels 902   
On the birchwood table
Item Price Done
twisted willow circlet set with vert-hued ash leaves 2,255   
lattice-carved goldenoak band with a warm finish 1,082   
narrow mahogany ring with diamond-shaped niello inlay 10,824   
simple copperwood ring centered with a cabochon green jade 3,608   
burnished copper necklace with curling leaf-shaped links 1,082   
wide flamewood choker set with a gold leaf-shaped clasp 2,706   
twisted mistwood torque fastened with a small yew toggle 135   
sanded birch anklet linked to a small toe-ring by a white gold chain 4,510   
delicate ash necklace carved into a strand of Elven ivy 1,623   
On the wooden desk
Item Price Done
lacquered tawny oak bracelets carved with abstract whorls 5,412   No
varnished fir bangles edged in ebonwood 1,804   
blonde oak bangles inlaid with night diamonds 72,160   
burled maple bracelets with oval amber insets 9,020   No
ironwood bracelets carved with tiny swallows 6,314   No
carved teak bangles strung with obsidian beading 5,412   No
mottled yew wristcuff woven in seamless knotwork 3,608   
braided sandalwood bracelet 2,706   


[Turialo's Haven, Autumn Colors]
Trees in brilliant colors of red, purple and brown have been painted on the walls of this heavily-decorated hallway. The carpeting is carefully dyed into a loose mosaic that vaguely resembles freshly fallen leaves. Painted between the trees is a small red barn, both its doors standing open to reveal heaping piles of hay. You also see a satin mannequin with several things on it, a wooden door and a clothing rack with several things on it.
Obvious exits: east, west.

On the satin mannequin
Item Price Done
white watered silk dress dyed in colorful autumn shades 34,636   
bright orange satin dress intricately embroidered with black spider webs 44,464   
knee-length pleated skirt patterned with alternating bands of red and brown 3,752   
fine satin dress patterned with silver and burnt orange leaves 31,570   
white linen shirt intricately embroidered with falling leaves 5,366   
dark purple chiffon dress belted with a trailing sash 69,995   
tan cotton dress embroidered along the skirt with ripe wheat 4,618   
On the clothing rack
Item Price Done
dark brown velvet gown delicately embroidered with fallen leaves 43,296   
full-length chiffon gown dyed in hues of violet and red 43,296   
dark gold satin gown hemmed with beryl and amber jewels 35,521   
knee-length spidersilk cloak intricately embroidered with a myriad of flowers 158,752   !!
dark red floor-length gown embroidered with a golden butterfly 40,409   
dark blue sleeveless gown with a silver spidersilk bodice 117,620   

[Turialo's Haven, Autumn Promise]
Several potted saplings, each one turning brilliant shades of yellow and red, have been tucked into the corners of this end of the narrow hall. The mural on the wall continues, changing from autumn forest into rolling hills speckled with fallen leaves, set below bare trees prepared for the winter. The area holds a faint scent of dry leaves. You also see a silver cloak rack with several things on it and a plain wooden table with several things on it.
Obvious exits: east.

On the cloak rack
Item Price Done
floor-length golden cloak of shimmering firesilk with brown undertones 238,128   
long white cloak edged with a thin golden border 63,140   
long brown cloak embroidered with a large maple tree 15,875   !!
rose-hued cloak of heavily embroidered satin 95,251   !!
midnight black cloak clasped with a bright silver pin 13,926   
dark purple cloak with a wide silver border 14,684   
On the wooden table
Item Price Done
long satin gloves delicately embroidered with purple leaves 14,323   
sky-blue spidersilk scarf intricately embroidered with flocks of birds 7,216   
white satin gloves decorated at the wrists with fine Elothean lace 11,766   No
pale blue moonsilk gloves decorated with tiny seed pearls 24,399   !!
rose-hued damask scarf edged with a white satin fringe 3,608   
elegant golden shawl of Elven lace cut in a butterfly pattern 45,100   
brown spidersilk shawl clapsed with a small animite maple leaf 360,800   
long satin scarf artfully dyed in autumn colors 1,804   

[Turialo's Haven, Autumn Harvest]
A large mural of rolling wheat fields makes up the walls of this end of the hallway. Subtle swirls in the long golden stalks make the harvest-ready wheat appear to be blowing in the wind. Near the horizon of the mural, thin trees stand tall, their leaves shed in preparation for the coming winter. You also see a narrow redwood counter with several things on it, an aspen table with several things on it, a waiting list and a long silverwood bench.
Obvious exits: west.

On the redwood counter
Item Price Done
tarnished platinum ring set with a deeply-hued garnet 69,309   
red gold band adorned with a large star ruby 106,075   
swirling ring of Elven silver set with a cluster of crimson rubies 71,618   
Elven silver band with elegant platinum striations 87,457   
white silver ring set with an elegant green sapphire 33,716   
slender red gold ring set with a large square-cut yellow topaz 28,936   !!
weathered copper ring inlaid with diminutive black pearls 7,216   
On the aspen table
Item Price Done
ornate silver earrings fashioned from crystal and orange ametrine 7,216   
wide platinum earcuff etched with the image of a sunset 72,160   
gold hoop earrings gilded with copperleaf 12988   
cylindrical peridot earrings capped with beaten bronze 6,314   
sunstone earring edged with small smoky topazes 13,530   
silver earrings shaped into pale lotus blossoms 12,826   No
jade earcuff crafted into a slumbering viper 1,804   


[Turialo's Haven, Winter Jewelry]
The walls of this small room resemble the interior of a jeolzindu, with white ice bricks painted onto wooden boards. A small circular window has been frosted over and painted with a scene of children throwing snowballs. A small cast iron stove crackles cheerfully near the window, a fresh pot of tea resting atop the burner. You also see a wide door, a white counter with several things on it and a small wooden table with several things on it.
Obvious exits: east, west.

On the white counter
Item Price Done
pale blue glass pendant detailed with a winter landscape 20,295   
thin silver armband set with small marquise diamonds 20,295   !!
thin glass armband of alternating blue and silver 595   
wide platinum armband set with a trio of rubies 568,260   
stained glass pendant etched with a tall mountain 1,190   
thin silver necklace of double mesh links 8,118   !!
thin platinum necklace suspending a delicate sapphire teardrop 147,928   
thin animite bracelet set with a star ruby 1,804,000   !!
wide silver bracelet set with cabochon turquoise stones 4,104   
On the wooden table
Item Price Done
thin silver tailband etched with small snowflakes 19,393   !!
polished animite ring set with a heart-shaped sapphire 598,026   
thin white ring made of highly polished wood 1,172   
wide glass tailband etched with a frosty winter scene 1,984   
black velvet choker set with a cabochon malachite stone 9,308   
royal purple damask choker set with a princess-cut sapphire 22,405   
wide glass ring stained with a streak of blue 595   
thin silver ring set with a small marquise sapphire 11,726   

[Turialo's Haven, Winter Wear]
Cheerful blue paint covers the walls and ceiling of this whimsically decorated hallway, a mural of a winter landscape making it seem much larger than it is. The fresh white carpet is sprinkled with a blue glitter, giving it the appearance of newly fallen snow. Large origami snowflakes hang from the ceiling, completing the look. You also see a white table with several things on it, a large clothing rack with several things on it and a large mannequin with several things on it.
Obvious exits: east.

On the white table
Item Price Done
royal purple muff lined with dark grey rabbit fur 14,432   
dark blue damask muff lined with black fur 5,592   !!
blue woolen mittens with white fur lining 2,706   
white satin headband painted with large silver snowflakes 5,412   
wide silver damask headband stitched with white stars 4,510   
On the clothing rack
Item Price Done
floor-length leather coat dyed a deep silver 32,472   
dark blue knee-length coat trimmed with white snowbeast fur 13,530   
dark grey coat fashioned from thick lamb's wool 4,870   !!
blue and purple gown of deeply blending shades 10,824   !!
pale blue velvet gown with a wide silver border 54,120   !!
large white cotton shirt with billowing sleeves 2,255   
pale blue damask dress painted with a winter forest scene 12,988   !!
On the large mannequin
Item Price Done
pale blue woolen scarf edged with silver trim 3,247   !!
silver woolen scarf edged with purple trim 3,247   !!
thick black damask scarf edged with dark grey trim 8,659   !!
pair of black fur earmuffs speckled with purple and blue points 1,172   
pair of dark grey fur earmuffs speckled with white and silver points 1,172   
thick woolen cap embroidered with silver snowflakes 1,443   !!
large grey woolen cap adorned with tiny glass raindrops 1,713   !!

[Turialo's Haven, Winter Accessories]
The beginnings of an evergreen forest decorate this small room, painted on the walls in a serene bas-relief style. Hidden between the trees, the silhouette of a deer is just barely visible, its head raise and alert. Several pine branches heavy with false snow extend slightly from the walls, and the air holds the faint scent of melting ice. You also see a polished pine table with several things on it and a small wooden stand with several things on it.
Obvious exits: west.

On the white table
Item Price Done
blue velvet slippers decorated with a pair of frosty snowflakes 9,020   No
white leather boots trimmed with silver-tinted snowbeast fur 9,922   No
blue-grey socks stitched with bright silver frost 1,353   No
soft white thigh quiver of snow leopard fur artfully wrapped with silver thread 54,120   
slim leather arm sheath embossed with a stylized white wolf 10,824   
long ebony scabbard intricately etched with a frosted winter scene 45,100   
thin velvet gloves decorated with merry-looking snowmen 6,765   No
On the wooden stand
Item Price Done
pale canvas backpack dyed with purple and blue patterns 9,020   
ice-blue leather pack embroidered with delicate white snowdrops 15,334   
storm-grey spidersilk backpack painted with a myriad of snow-covered trees 72,160   !!
silver steelsilk backpack stitched with dozens of pure white snowflakes 135,300   
snow-white spidersilk backpack hung with dozens of crystal icicles 72,160   
large watersilk duffel bag embroidered with a large lake surrounded by pine trees 144,320   
large spidersilk duffel bag sewn with an intricate mosaic of crystal beads 126,280   !!
dark indigo pack of fine crushed velvet 10,824   


[Turialo's Haven, Spring Sunshine]
Soft green carpeting resembling newly grown grass rests over most of the wooden floor of this small hallway, and rolling hills cover the walls. A vast sky extends onto the ceiling, artfully painted above the landscape, and storm clouds complete with yellow streaks of lightning hang darkly in the eastern part of the room. You also see a narrow door, a long silverwood table with several things on it and a narrow clothing rack with several things on it.
Obvious exits: north.

On the silverwood table
Item Price Done
bright yellow boots fastened with wide silver buckles 6,765   No
knee-high boots crafted from fine white lambskin 6,314   No
green leather boots embossed with twining ivy 18,815   No
brown leather boots with the toes reinforced with polished steel 9,020   No
pale blue slippers speckled with small spots of brown 7,216   No
storm grey slippers embroidered with a pair of lightning bolts 10,824   No
fine leather sandals with crisscrossing straps 6,314   
On the clothing rack
Item Price Done
white spidersilk tunic dyed with stylized black clouds 198,440   
knee-length spidersilk longcoat trimmed with pure white fur 198,440   
blue chiffon gown intricately embroidered with colorful butterflies 89,478   
narrow blue gown of shimmering spidersilk with a long translucent sleeve 108,240   
lace-edged spidersilk tunic dyed in a mosaic of varying green hues 238,128   
short lavender tunic edged at the neckline in dark brown fur 9,922   
pale blue moonsilk tunic embroidered with a white lily 162,360   
white linen tunic dyed with diagonal stripes of sky blue 12,628   

[Turialo's Haven, Spring Showers]
This area of the hallway is decorated to resemble a full thunderstorm, with pouring rain streaming down onto soaked hills in the background painted on the wall and tall trees bent in the wind. The green floor is punctuated with shimmering pools of glass that resemble puddles. Small clear streamers hang from the ceiling, each strung with tiny teardrop-shaped crystals to mimic falling rain. You also see an ornate silverwood stand with several things on it and an oaken table with several things on it.
Obvious exits: north, south.

On the silverwood stand
Item Price Done
lilac-patterned wristlet decorated with tiny glass beads 902   
suede wristlet studded with multi-colored crystals 5,412   
elegant bracelet of blush pink pearls 36,294   
oval-shaped bangle enameled in a simple geometric pattern 31,100   
slender bangles enameled in spring pastels 3,896   
thin silver bangle decorated with wavy mother-of-pearl insets 6,663   
lace-edged wristlet of ivory spidersilk embroidered with spring flowers 1,804   
On the oaken table
Item Price Done
strand of blush-colored pearls interspersed with pink diamond spacers 36,080   
lilac choker of pale spidersilk patterned with tiny glass beads 4,510   
thin silver necklace adorned with an animite rose-shaped charm 1,082,400   
beaded necklace of spiraling coral and aquamarine sea glass 3,188   
white satin choker embroidered with spring daisies 1,804   
cloisonne butterfly necklace with a braided silk cord 36,080   

[Turialo's Haven, Spring Flowers]
Flowing silk drapes the walls of this corner in bright colors, a pole in the center making it resemble the interior of an open tent. Shining gaethzen set behind the elegant fabric imitates cheerful sunlight, illuminating the interior with a muted glow. Outside the canopy, a small table has been set up with an array of fresh fruit. You also see a wide counter with several things on it and a maplewood stand with several things on it.
Obvious exits: south.

On the small table
Item Price Done
bowl filled with large juicy grapes 0   No
ripe apples heaped into a small pile 0   No
tray filled with fresh slices of cantaloupe 0   No
On the wide counter
Item Price Done
fine linen backpack embroidered with stylized suns 7,216   
sturdy spidersilk pack intricately embroidered with a springtime scene 115,456   
black suede backpack artfully embroidered with a rainbow of colorful flowers 24,823   !!
white cotton sack artfully embroidered with a garden of daffodils 1,542   !!
dark grey satin thigh bag embroidered with a pattern of driving rain 8,659   !!
light pink spidersilk sack overlaid with white lace trimming 24,534   
On the maplewood stand
Item Price Done
wide-brimmed wicker hat tied with a thin spidersilk ribbon 2,020   
sky blue cotton hat with a narrow brim 1,154   
white wicker hat patterned with silver flowers 3,463   
dark red hat artfully accented with several silver buckles 2,020   
light pink hat decorated with white spidersilk carnations 8,659   


[Turialo's Haven, Summer Day]
Dark green rolling hills have been painted on the walls of this small caravan, an expansive blue sky spread out above them. Shining brightly, the noontime sun has been painted in the middle of the ceiling, a few fluffy clouds surrounding it. In the center of the room is a low picnic table set with a checkered tablecloth. You also see a wooden door, a silverwood jewelry stand with some stuff on it and a wooden clothing rack with some stuff on it.
Obvious exits: east, west.

On the picnic table
Item Price Done
pitcher of iced strawberry lemonade 0   No
large plate of chicken sandwiches on cracked rye bread 0   No
neatly arranged candied green apples on a large silver tray 0   No
On the jewelry stand
Item Price Done
ornate adderstone amulet carved into the shape of a coiled serpent 22,550   
intricate bloodstone amulet carved into a delicate butterfly 45,100   
ornate animite pendant clutching a large freshwater pearl 1,353,000   
carved shell pendant adorned with brown and white beads 5,412   
long golden pendant shaped into an unopened rosebud 24,805   
large obsidian pendant decorated with a summertime scene 72,160   
white jade amulet carved in the shape of a single white rose 72,160   
thin platinum pendant adorned with a single pale Eluned's tear sapphire 90,200   
On the clothing rack
Item Price Done
dark violet leggings patterned with mahogany swirls 18,040   
dark green satin tunic embroidered with twining vines of ivy 13,530   !!
saffron-hued shirt with billowing sleeves buttoned with golden sunstones 4,510   
storm grey leather boots embossed with twin golden suns 9,020   No
black satin leggings embroidered with golden roses 18,040   
dark green silk gamantang masterfully embroidered with large golden flowers 81,180   

[Turialo's Haven, Summer Dawn]
A large mural carefully hung over the eastern wall gives the small room a sweeping backdrop of the sun just rising over purple mountaintops. Expansive forests are painted onto the other walls, with shimmers of the dawn sun reflected on the leaves of the trees. Carefully contained in a low brazier and disguised with rocks, a small campfire has been set up in the center of the room, surrounded by small benches. You also see a small wooden table with some stuff on it and a rosewood counter with some stuff on it.
Obvious exits: west.

On the wooden table
Item Price Done
pale moonsilk stockings decorated with crescent-shaped sapphires 72,160   
delicate flamewood case carved with dew-drenched roses 63,140   !!
pair of large wings resembling those of a white dove 22,550   
wide belt of interlocking gold panels set with jade inlays 45,100   
dark blue sash of rich Elven silk wrapped with a thin platinum chain 54,120   
purple-hued spidersilk headband dyed in the shades of the breaking dawn 10,824   
dark steel bracers set with twin sunstones in an animite scene 902,000   
ebony hairsticks tipped with twin pink sapphires 108,240   
On the rosewood counter
Item Price Done
ornate leather case decorated with cabochon yellow opals 180,400   
pale watersilk sack with a thin platinum clasp 63,140   
reinforced cotton arm pouch dyed in red-gold shades 902   
soft mistsilk thigh bag shadow-embroidered with thin maple trees 67,650   
multi-hued traveler's pack of woven faille cording 1,804   
large nightsilk duffel bag decorated with a flock of grey doves 58,630   
oiled leather backpack painted with the silhouette of a rearing horse 22,550   

[Turialo's Haven, Summer Dusk]
Painted artfully across the wooden walls, pictures of grassy hills continue from the east. Beginning on the floor and continuing onto the bottom of the west wall, a sparkling beach decorates the furthest reaches of the small caravan. Just above the sand, the setting sun has half-vanished behind still ocean waters, and the skyscape above it is filled with hues of purple and red. You also see a large mannequin with several things on it and a long silverwood table with several things on it.
Obvious exits: east

On the large mannequin
Item Price Done
dark blue robe streaked with grey wings and clasped with a silver nightingale 72,160   !!
floor-length formal robe of square-cut Elothean silk dyed in purple-red hues 108,240   !!
dusky blue robe of square-cut steelsilk scattered near the cuffs with crystal shards 90,200   !!
floor-length gown of dark violet nightsilk with flowing bell-shaped sleeves 90,200   !!
twilight-hued gown of soft watersilk draped over black damask 90,200   
sunset-hued satin gown layered with blush-colored chiffon 27,060   !!
On the silverwood table
Item Price Done
wide silver ring inlaid with alternating square-cut gems 45,100   
firestained silver band intricately engraved with whorls of storm clouds 10,824   
carved amethyst ring set with an elegant black diamond 67,650   
thin platinum band with square-cut sapphires in a channel setting 81,180   
thin obsidian ring set with a large clear topaz 13,530   
wide platinum ring studded with cabochon amethysts sealed in purple settings 126,280