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Templates are pages that allow for duplicating the same content across many pages. Templates can contain static information or allow for the inputting of variables (See Template:Critter at a Glance for a fine example).

We will be creating a variety of templates to keep the look of Elanthipedia universal and polished.

Templates may be confusing for new users, but they make our larger projects easier to control in terms of appearance and efficiency.

All of templates are collected in Category:Templates. Each one will have details on how to use them and what articles they are appropriate for use on.

How to create/use templates

A template is inserted into a page with the use of brackets: { }. The template name is included within the brackets (see examples below). When you edit a page, you can see what templates the page uses in a list at the bottom of the editing page.

To read up on how to create templates, both basic and advanced, see: [1].

Common Templates

Basic Templates
Bestiary Templates
Image Templates
Map Templates
Request Admin Templates
  • {{DeletePage|reason}} - Tags article for deletion (with reason). An admin will view the article and delete it if warranted.
Shop Templates
Item Templates
Ability Templates