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Signature: No
Spell Slots:
Mana Type:
Spell Type: /
Prep (min/max): /
Skill Range (min/max): /
Valid Spell Target:
Duration (min/max):
Example Messaging:

This template provides an infobox for spell articles. Notes and commentary should be added on the individual spell articles via normal article editing.


When making a new spell article, copy the text below into the edit window and fill in the parameter values as appropriate.

|abbrev= <!--if no abbreviation then put "-" -->
|prereqs= <!--manually add links to other spells, if needed-->
|castcap= <!--if unlimited, put "-" -->
|minskill= <!--as per DISCERN-->
|maxskill= <!--as per DISCERN-->
|minduration= in roisaen. If the spell is instant enter '-'
|maxduration= in roisaen.
|source=standard/scroll only/quest <!--Standard = Learned from guildleader. Scroll Only= Found only on scrolls. Quest = Learned from a quest-->
|pulse= for cyclics
|effect=shorthand version of effect. e.g +evasion. Do not include links. Full effect should go in the ==Notes== below the template.
|magic=Analogous Patterns/Arcane Magic/Elemental Magic/Holy Magic/Life Magic/Lunar Magic
|ctype=standard/battle/cyclic/ritual/feat (use commas if more than one)
|type=augmentation/debilitation/targeted/utility/warding/multistrike/pulse damage/area of effect/pulse to group/death from above (use commas if more than one)
|status= <blank>/planned/obsolete