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Elanthipedia is very new and there is a lot to be done! Together we can make this the premier DragonRealms web resource.


All existing creature articles have had their images updated. All articles have been formatted to a standard layout. The critter templates have been updated so please look at their usage when creating new articles.

There are many creatures missing from the Bestiary, especially those in Forfedhdar. As you create new articles please try to follow the layout of the others in the bestiary.

There is also a great deal of info missing from the existing creature pages. We would like to see as much information on the pages as possible so if you know anything about the creature, from equipment to ranks needed to box skill level to special attacks, please add it in!

You'll notice on some of the pages that did not have skinning ranks required there may be a less than sign than a number aka <40. That means it takes fewer than those ranks to skin the critter, if you can get a more accurate number feel free to do so. Rawkus 18:43, 9 January 2008 (CST)


City Articles

Work is beginning on standardizing articles on the Cities, Towns, and Villages of Elanthia. See the City Articles Project Page for details.


Combat guide! Need someone fluent in all things combat to tackle this project. This can include guides on each type of weapon combat, as well as some of the upcoming combat changes.

Foraging Compendium

I've added my Foraging Compendium, linked to from the the Foraging skill page. This isn't so much a coding or writing project as it is a simple numerical one. Head on over to the page and see how to contribute!


Guild pages are in definite need of help. Each guild page needs a personal touch by those who are familiar with the ins and outs of each guild. This doesn't mean blatant spoilers or secrets. This type of information might be included down the road, but will definitely be very visibly marked as a spoiler to avoid accidental viewing if the reader wants it to remain a mystery.

Also need guild intro speeches.

Guild Info Boxes

Have been added. Some guilds' info might need tweaking (particularly special abilities for War Mages). Any ideas for additional information to add to the infoboxes is also welcome.

Guild Leaders

Need to flesh this out as well as fix outdated info (Thanks, Grindinghalt for the change to Crossing Paladin guild).


Just a few more LIBRARIES need to be filled out! Plus, with the recent addition of several libraries there are books that need to be "wikified". WIKIFY some books now!


The shops category is undergoing an overhaul. See Amorand the Tailor for an example of what a shop page should look like now.

Each shop can be in (currently) up to 15 Type categories. If there needs to be more, please put a note on the discussion page for Template:Store At A Glance.

See Category talk:Shops for more information.

Spells and Enchantes

Individual Spell pages have been created, however some proofing and other work is still required. In particular, members of each guild are needed to double-check that the spell descriptions are current with actual in-game data, and to fill out the articles on individual spells with useful information.

Please visit the Spell Project page to see what work has been completed, and what still needs to be done.

Stubs, Incomplete Articles, and redlinks

There is always something to do in these categories. Pick one, two, or 10 articles to work on from the Stubs and Incomplete Articles categories. If the article gets completed to a reasonable degree, please remove the {{stub}} or {{incomplete}} tag.

A redlink of course means that the article doesn't exist at all, not even marked as a stub yet. (See the list of redlinks)

Missing Item Sources

I'm in the process of adding missing item sources. Feel free to chip in! (If you click "What links here" while viewing an item, it will show you every page on Elanthipedia that links to that item page. This is often an easy way to identify item sources.) --Isharon 07:09, 5 April 2011 (UTC)

In addition, a new page called Item Tester will let you include lists of items and see which needs fixing.

Maps with Errors

If you are graphically inclined, there is a growing list of maps with errors that need correction.


All the titles in DragonRealms. Some minor work has already begun, but it has been decided to have a separate page for all the titles, for better find-ability.

We could use some help in filling these all in. Any questions about how to do this, you can chat with me (Callek) or Naeya)

The folks at Simu have been hard at work updating their title pages. We have a lot of catching up to do! Exciting new titles are also on the way, including racial titles and death related titles.

See Category talk:Titles for detailed information.

A Modern Timeline of events in Elanthia

The GMs have provided a number of Timelines documenting the background information of the game world, but there have also been numerous and significant events that have taken place in which players were involved. Let's start documenting those! The Modern Timeline is a good place to start!
--Basselope 00:54, 5 December 2007 (CST)