Hav'roth's ambrosia

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Hav'roth's ambrosia at a Glance
Material Type Gems, Amber
Colors Brown, Black, Grey
Symbolism Hav'roth
Rarity Quest-Only
Cultural Relevance None
Required for Alterations Yes

A type of amber, Hav'roth's ambrosia is described as a rose-shaped amalgram of multiple insects petrified together.

Alteration Rules

This material is required for alterations.

Raw Material Sources

Snake Pit


ItemSource isRarity is
Cambrinth tailband inset with a Hav'roth's ambrosiaHashal's Haven
Ceremonial tel'athi shield embossed with a pattern of stylized intertwining snakesSnake Pit
Dark scalene lootsack secured with a black gold cobra-shaped claspLimited Treasures (4)
Hav'roth's ambrosia
Hav'roth's ambrosia broochPi'rasha's Pins (2)
Hav'roth's ambrosia pilgrim's badge carved into a hooded cobra
Helical tamboti cane crowned with a Hav'roth's ambrosia compass roseLimited Treasures (1)
Jewelry pestMishliHollow Eve Festival 447gift
Single Hav'roth's ambrosia
Treasure-bound tel'athi treatise enriched by a Hav'roth's ambrosiaTomes of Lorefestival
... further results

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