Grave earth pile 421 prizes

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Grave earth pile 421 prizes
Event Hollow Eve Festival 421
# of Rooms 0
Store Type Game
This store only accepts Dokoras

To play this game, DIG or SEARCH PILE. Prizes from previous years can be found on the Grave earth pile page.

Hollow Eve Festival 421 prizes

Chance of being attacked by a mini murder doll in disguise:
<PC> swishes his hand around in the open grave, then pulls back with a weasel-faced doll in <his/her> hand.
An odd sort of noise comes from <PC>'s doll, as if something inside it was slowly clicking into place. Writhing about, it wriggles its way out of <his/her> hand and drops to the ground, crouching on all fours. Its limbs whirl about briefly and then it turns its head to look at <PC> with its typical blank smile. However, you quickly notice its eyes are suddenly filled with an eerie sort of intelligence.
Staring at <PC> with murderous intent, the weasel-faced doll draws forth a serrated steak knife! Looking at <him/her> hungrily, it pounces with an eerie speed, latching onto <his/her> <left/right> <arm/leg>. With uncanny precision, it saws through <person>'s <arm/leg> with the rusty knife, sending him falling to the ground as his balance falters.
<PC> screams and falls to the ground grasping his mangled <left/right> <arm/leg>!
After its vicious attack, the doll runs off with its prize in hand, dragging the limb out of sight with disconcerting speed.

Annual prizes

The following list of prizes has been found consistently each year:

  • treasure system gems