Gorbesh Fortress (Ilithi)

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One of the fortresses left behind after the Gorbesh War. After gaining permission from the Ferdahl, a number of amenities were added by the citizens of Ilithi to re-purpose the fort into a gathering area.

This fort can be found out the south gate of Shard and down the 1st trail.

Practice Yard

[Gorbesh Fortress, Practice Yard]
The ground in this open square is trampled flat, though a few dead tree trunks are still standing. Ragged target dummies with crude faces drawn on are tied in nooses from a wooden beam.
You also see a narrow ladder, a wooden gate with a pure white stone on it, a low beechwood cart with several things on it and a makeshift pavilion with several mismatched chairs and a rickety table beneath it.
Obvious exits: east, southeast, south, southwest.

On the beechwood cart
Item Price Done
an silver urn of strong black coffee 0   
a tall and slender bottle of sainyuso suur 0   !!
a bottle of ginger beer 0   
a small pot of spiced lemon tea spiked with a splash of apple brandy 0   
several ornately decorated porcelain bottles filled with warm Elothean rice wine 0   !!
a tall glass pitcher of fresh spring water 0   
a crystal punch bowl of glowing Elothean windhaze 0   
an elegant hand-blown bottle of pure green Elothean suur wine 0   !!
a clear glass pot of Elothean jade tea 0   !!
a stout glass decanter of black suur 0   !!
  • The dummies are lumpy and misshapen, and several are missing limbs. Someone has nailed signs to each of them, one reading "Yhaman," another "Koromas," and so on. The "Raenilar" dummy has crossed eyes and a crown made from the jagged end of a broken bottle.

Guard Tower

[Gorbesh Fortress, Guard Tower]
The tower walls are notched and charred, apparently damaged in a pitched battle. Deep gouges along the outside timbers of the guard tower tell the tale of a brutal assault -- one the archers who stood here could not withstand.
You also see a rope, a narrow ladder and a guard rail.
Obvious exits: none.


[Gorbesh Fortress, Stable]
Facing out onto the practice yard, these few covered stalls once provided temporary shelter for the mounts of the officers. A few bits of straw are caught in the slats of a hayrack.
You also see a clogged crevice.
Obvious exits: west.

  • The crevice will take you on a one-way trail to the end of the Shard east bridge, just outside the gap to the Jackal/Kobold hunting area. There will be a roundtime to travel.


[Gorbesh Fortress, Firepit]
Two iron rods ending in hooks are planted in the ground next to a sooty bowl-shaped depression. Judging from the trail of colorful splats and splotches on the ground leading west to the mess hall, this is where the Gorbesh prepared their food.
You also see a low beechwood cart with several things on it.
Obvious exits: north, east, southeast, south, west.

On the beechwood cart
Item Price Done
a warm bowl of windhaze-infused gingered mango pudding generously drizzled with rich Elothean chocolate 0   !!
a fluffy diakasuur on a sparkling cut glass plate 0   
a porcelain plate of Elothean chocolates with creamy coconut centers 0   !!
a raised dish of rich sibo-diaka 0   
a shallow bowl of jade-colored tea sorbet 0   !!

Mess Hall

[Gorbesh Fortress, Mess Hall]
Low benches are pulled up to long wooden tables. Some sort of blackish crust stains the tables in spots.
Obvious exits: northeast, east.


[Gorbesh Fortress, Storage]
Empty hooped barrels are wedged into the corners of the room, nailed to the walls with metal spikes. The ceiling is lined with dozens of hooks. A sign in an unknown language is carved into the wall.
You also see a sturdy weapon rack with several things on it and a large wooden crate.
Obvious exits: west, northwest.


[Gorbesh Fortress, Barracks]
The bunks filling the barracks are huge, a testament to the sheer size of the Gorbesh warriors. There is room for little else here, and the occupants must have had to crawl over each other to reach the door.
Obvious exits: northwest.

Meeting Room

[Gorbesh Fortress, Meeting Room]
High-backed chairs sit around a scarred table. Blobs of candlewax discolor the table and floor, telling the story of long hours spent in planning, lasting deep into the night. Several tall stools, somewhat newer than the chairs, are pulled up to the table.
You also see a scarred wall with a two-colored dartboard on it.
Obvious exits: north, west.

Officers' Quarters

[Gorbesh Fortress, Officers' Quarters]
Rank may have its privileges, but you wouldn't know it to look at this room. A half-dozen cots are lined up neatly, with one table and washbasin to serve all the inhabitants.
Obvious exits: none.