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Fishing is an alternate way to learn Outdoorsmanship, some Mechanical Lore, and Skinning. There are no requirements to fish other than possessing the proper gear, however fishing will cause Empathic Shock.

Fishing will also teach a minor amount of Engineering when untangling a tangled line.



  • fishing pole (comes with line and hook)
  • bait


  • hook and string
  • line
  • hook
  • hide scraper

See fishing shop listings for places to buy gear.

How to Fish

Finding the fish

If you want to fish, you have to find a fishable body of water where fish live. Though you might find it tempting to try, there are no fish living on dry land or in most of the decorative fountains and horse troughs you might come across in life. The fish that do appear in these water bins can't be enticed to bite, either, if some sort of guard isn't coming around to drive you away in the first place.

So where are the fish? Most of the time it's fairly obvious, large rivers such as the Segoltha and Faldesu and lakes such as Lake Gwenalion in Therengia or Tethloren Lake in Aesry are teeming with the beasts. Some of the more friendly fisherfolk have strung their fishing-hole knowledge together (see table above), but many tend to keep such things to themselves (no sense in giving away the one that got away, right?).

Regardless of who does or doesn't know about it, if you get this message then you can't fish there no matter how well-told the fish story was.

You can't cast the fishing pole here.  Try finding a body of water.

Getting your pole into the water

Ok, you finally found a good spot, now what? Well, first, you need a pole. There are a few fishing holes that someone has thoughtfully set up barrels of poles, extra line, extra hooks, and extra bait for us to use. Other places require you to bring all your own stuff.

Be sure to use the MY keyword or otherwise specify the container in your inventory if you are working with storebought gear and supplies in places where the free stuff is available, otherwise these commands will attempt to use those things

  1. GET POLE -- gets a pole from the barrel of free poles, or a storebought pole from whichever container you stowed it in (free poles and storeboughts you haven't used yet are already baited)
  2. OPEN POLE -- used to expand a storebought pole (that's collapsible, some aren't) so that you can fish with it
  3. LOOK POLE -- lets you see information about your pole, such as what type of line, hook, and bait are on the pole as well as how much (if any) line is in the water
  4. GET LINE -- adds line to your pole
  5. GET HOOK -- gets a hook and ties it to your line
  6. GET BAIT -- gets some bait and attempts to put it on your hook (it might take awhile to do, so stock up on patience)
  7. CAST POLE -- lets you rear back and let fly, you can almost see the fish drool

How to get bites

Like all fishermen, each swears by different methods they are sure will catch more fish than any other way. Most are just superstitious, others might know a thing or two about what they're claiming. Here are some popular ones I've heard:

  1. Let it drown -- cast your pole, get comfortable, and wait for something to happen (it will, too). Very easy on the scroll, at least until you catch something.
  2. Snag, your it! -- cast your pole, then PULL POLE until something bites or you draw the line all the way in.
  3. Dance for me (err, the fish) -- cast your pole, then use some combination of PULL POLE, PUSH POLE (puts more line in the water), WAVE POLE, and YANK POLE to cause fish to bite more. Doesn't really seem to work, and you may want to avoid doing so if you aren't the only one fishing there.
  4. Beseech the Fishin' Gods -- cast your pole, then perform some sort of ritual with it involving DANCE POLE and SHAKE POLE. Not sure this does any good, but, hey, we can call upon the gods to make us better whatevers so why not?

Hey, I got a bite!

While the pole is in the water, you will get two types of messages.

The first message is about some sort of slight tremor. This is a fish testing out the bait it found, but it's not on the hook just yet. You can attempt to do things like above to entice a bite, but it's not clear this works.

The second message is about some sort of tug on the line. This is either a fish on your hook, or you've snagged some sort of junk (right now, the only thing it can be is seaweed). The way to tell is that a fish will start fighting, causing your pole to jerk around and your line to move around; seaweed doesn't do anything. Depending on the type of fish and what kind of gear you've got or what sort of life you've lived (ie, stats), it may eventually wear itself out or will do something bad to your pole--snatch it out of your hands, break it in half, break the line, etc. Sometimes it will just slip the hook on you.

To land the fish, just PULL POLE until you grab hold of the fish and remove the hook. Once landed, it's back to baiting the hook.

Things to know about

  • Either not paying attention (skill-related failure when you have a bite) or moving around with the pole in the water will cause your line to tangle up. You have to UNTANGLE MY POLE before you can do anything else.
  • There's a chance of breaking your pole if you PULL POLE when there's no line in the water.
  • You have to wait 10 full minutes before grabbing another free pole, if for some reason you dropped or lost your previous one (this timer is started the moment you grab a pole, not when you lose it).
  • You can't climb things with a pole in hand; without a container to put them in, this means the free poles can't be taken to every single nook and cranny where it's possible to fish.
  • Look before you leap, a few fishing holes are in places where dangerous creatures can wander in on you and fishing poles are very terrible weapons to kill things with (note: they are literally not coded as weapons).
  • Bait that has "never been alive" requires much less mechanichal lore skill to use than bait that is currently, or was previously, alive. Examples of easier baits: handmade flies and metal lures both sold on Ratha, and handmade worms sold in Langenfirth. This bait is suitable for novices or those with little mechanical lore skill.

What to Do with Your Catch

After you have caught a fish you can do several things with it, depending on what sort of fisherman you want to be.

  1. Catch and release -- simply THROW FISH and you'll toss it as far away as you can manage
  2. Keep it for later -- simply STOW FISH and you won't have to worry about putting down the pole
  3. Stringing the fish -- Hooks and strings can be freely obtained from the fish buyer(ask buyer for string). They are wearable, and hold somewhere around a couple hundred stones. To string a fish, just PUT (fish) ON STRING. Strung fish are unable to be removed, so make sure you really want to do this before trying.
  4. Gut the fish -- using a Light Edged weapon (size doesn't matter, so long as it fits this category), you can SKIN FISH to harvest parts from the fish. Possible choices are fish bones, fish eggs, (fish) giblets, and (fish) guts. The eggs, giblets, and guts are all edible. Fish can be gutted this way up to at least 4-5 times before the fish is completely consumed.
  5. Scraping the fish -- You can SCRAPE FISH for skinning experience. It's the same process as for pelts and skins, but you're unable to eat, throw, or sell the fish.
  6. Sell the fish -- GIVE <fish name> TO <fish buyer name>, and he'll give you a few coins for it. He pays by weight, but don't expect more than a few bronze (depending on fish size). The buyer will also take strung fish.
  7. Weigh the fish -- if you have access to a leaderboard scale, you can put your fish on the scale to see if you have a champion or not. If you do, your name goes up on the leaderboard and the buyer will pay you more for it.

Fish buyer locations

Know Thy Enemy, Fisherman!

Fishing Locations

Location Description Fish Group
Acenamacra Acenamacra Pier, Bay of Nemethyo Ocean
Arthe Dale Arthe Dale, Busar Saaf Ocean
Arthe Dale Arthe Dale, Greensward River 1
Arthe Dale Arthe Dale, Swimming Hole Ocean
Arthe Dale Arthe Dale, Willow Pond Pier River 1
Brynn Rill Stream Bed (north of Leth near Moss Meys) River 3
Chelsea Overlook Blacksilt Beach River 3
Crossing The Crossing Docks, South End Ocean
Crossing The Crossing, Landfall Dock Ocean
Crossing The Crossing, Oxenwaithe Bridge River 3
Crossing Riverfront Portage, Dock River 3
Crossing Crossing, Fisherman's Corner, Este Lane (Estate Holders only) Ocean
Crossing Crossing, Fisherman's Corner, Wilde Lane (Estate Holders only) Ocean
Crossing Crossing, The Strand, Seardaz Cove (Estate Holders only) Ocean
Crossing The Strand, Crystalline Beach River 3
Crossing The Strand, Old Pier River 3
Crossing Woodland Brook River 3
Crossing Northwall Trail, River's Edge River 3
Kaerna Village Rock Trolls, A Clear Pool River 2
Kaerna Village Lower Kaerna, Village Pond (pond off Village Green) River 2
Knife Clan Wilderness, River's Edge River 1
Northern Trade Route On the Bridge River 3
Northern Trade Route Stream Bank River 1
Northern Trade Route Northern Trade Road, River's Bank River 1
Northern Trade Route Silvery Pool, Waterfall River 2
Segoltha River Hodierna's Ferry, Ferry River 3
Segoltha River Kertigen's Honor, Ferry River 3
Segoltha River South Bank River 1
Sorrow's Reach Foothills, River River 3
Southern Trade Route Segoltha South Bank Ocean
Tiger Clan Manor House, Waterfront River 3
Location Description Fish Group
El' Bains Stop Elbain's Stop, Stream River 1
El' Bains Stop Wooodlands, Forest Stream River 1
Faldesu River Her Opulence - Ferry River 3
Lake Gwenalion Theren's Star River 3
Langenfirth Langenfirth, Falban Seord'telgi River 3
Langenfirth Langenfirth, Daelfa Seord'telgi River 1
Langenfirth Langenfirth, Jalgelvjegu River 2
Langenfirth Langenfirth, Lake Edge Ocean
Langenfirth Langenfirth, Lake Gwenalion Ocean
Langenfirth Langenfirth, Lake Shore River 2
Langenfirth Langenfirth, Seord'telgi teorn River 3
Langenfirth Langenfirth, Waldroth's Landing River 2 or River 3 dependent on room
Langenfirth Gwenalion Fens, In the Water River 3
Muspar'i Heke'mhhg River, Under the Bridge River 3
Muspar'i Lake Ratamipak (not the shoreline or in the shallows) Ocean
North Road North Road, River's Edge River 3
North Road North Road, Stone Bridge River 3
Northern Trade Route North Road, Plains River 1
Northern Trade Route The Marsh, Stone Road River 3
Riverhaven Gwenalion Lake, East Ocean
Riverhaven Gwenalion Marina, Lubasa Dock River 2
Riverhaven Sylvan Glade (Dam, Creek Inlet, Lily Pads, Mud Flats, Pond) Ocean
Riverhaven Riverhaven West Wilds, Lake Shore River 2
Riverhaven Riverhaven West Wilds, North Creek Bank River 1 or River 3 dependent on room
Riverhaven Riverhaven West Wilds, South Creek Bank River 1, 2, or River 3 dependent on room
Riverhaven Riverhaven, Stone Bridge River 3
Riverhaven Riverhaven, The Pier River 3
Rossman's Landing Butternut Creek, In the Water River 1
Rossman's Landing Jantspyre River, In the Water River 3
Rossman's Landing Lake Gwenalion, Rossman's Landing Dock River 2
Rossman's Landing Rossman's Landing, River's Edge River 2
Location Description Fish Group
Gilen Osto Steppes Julge Dolen Zaldeni, Diving Rock River 1
Gilen Osto Steppes Julge Dolen Zaldeni, Stream River 3
Shadow's Reach Shadow's Reach, Stone Basin River 1
Shard Nothern Lake Shore, East Gate Road River 1
Shard Eastern Fields, Ash Spring River 1
Shard Shard - Gates River 2
Shard Shard - Jademist River River 3
Under Gondola Dragon's Spine, River Camp River 1
Under Gondola Dark Woodlands, Bulen Ond Alcas River 2
Location Description Fish Group
Abandoned Mine Underground Lake Ocean
Ain Ghazal Haalikshal Highway, Ferry Dock Ocean
Hawstkaal Road Hawstkaal Road, Archer's Ford River 3
Hrendh Skogar Hrendh Skogar, Trench River 1
Hunter's Glade Hunter's Glade, Riverside River 3
Ilaya Taipa Ilaya Taipa, Shore Road Ocean
Location Description Fish Group
Aesry Harbor Docks, Aesry Aesry
Aesry Aesry Surlaenis'a, Falachui Ikeme River 1
Aesry Pier, Southwest Shore of Cha'walkas Aesry
M'Riss Wharf End, Mer'Kresh Ocean
Ratha Ratha, all dock areas Ratha
Ratha Ratha, Rocky Shore (by Sand Sprites) River 2
Ratha Ratha, Rocky Shallows (by Sand Sprites) River 2
Ratha Ratha, Wreck of the Seerah (in front of the shipwreck) River 2
Taisgath Taisgath Docks, Night Sky Landing Ocean
Location Description Fish Group
Fang Cove Fang Cove, Dock Ocean
Fang Cove Fang Cove, Shoreline Ocean
Fang Cove Fang's Rise, Pool River

NOTE: Fang Cove is limited to Estate Holders only!

Fish List


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