Fair Faire Fare (4)

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Fair Faire Fare
Event Turmar-Magen Charity Benefit
# of Rooms 5
Store Type Food shops, Drink shops
This store only accepts Kronars

Deep-Fried Happiness

[Fair Faire Fare, Deep-Fried Happiness]
The walls are painted with a riot of sunrise-hued colors, ranging from a fire red at the bottom to the palest of yellows at the top. Polished to a sheen and immaculately clean, the floor is paneled wood. Two simple wood counters display an array of freshly fried foods. You also see a sunrise-hued doorway.
Obvious exits: east.

On the wood counter
Item Price Done
golden lotus-shaped funnel cake dusted with powdered sugar 125   
massive sugar-dusted deep-fried sandwich drizzled with strawberry preserves 87   
basket of deep-fried boneless gryphon wings basted with sticky bourbon glaze 106   
enormous fried wyvern leg 100   
deep-fried batter-dipped peccary sausage on a stick 112   
paper cup brimming with fried dill pickle chips 93   
basket of fried Trothfang peppers stuffed with cheese 68   
deep-fried pocket pie stuffed with Ilithi peaches and sprinkled with cinnamon 175   
chunk of fried cheesecake drizzled with chocolate and raspberry sauce 162   
oversized deep-fried apple fritter splashed with caramel sauce 106   
On the basswood counter
Item Price Done
bowl of batter-dipped deep-fried ice cream nuggets topped with whipped cream 150   
fried peanut butter and banana sandwich glazed in honey 125   
strip of chicken-fried thick-sliced bacon 118   
paper cone stuffed with deep-fried batter-dipped butter balls 81   
strip of deep-fried bacon drizzled with maple syrup 200   
paper tray brimming with deep-fried marshmallow rabbits 125   
large basket of deep-fried batter-dipped pineapple rings 162   
plate of deep-fried cheese tidbits 112   
paper carton filled with deep-fried avocado wedges 107   
mound of fried meat lumps skewered on a stick 187   


[Fair Faire Fare, Caketopia]
Painted a metallic yellow and overlaid with midnight blue lace, the walls take on the appearance of the night's sky. A glass moon filled with candles dangles from the ceiling, giving off a bright glow. Two velvet-draped counters stretch across the room, holding freshly made treats.
Obvious exits: east, west.

On the wood counter
Item Price Done
decadent molten chocolate cupcake topped with brandy-soaked cherries 93   
bowl filled with molten chocolate cake balls rolled in powdered sugar 106   
large cookie dipped in creamy vanilla glaze and dark chocolate 68   
luscious layered lemon square dappled with powdered sugar 81   
slab of dark chocolate cake topped with vanilla ice cream drenched in fudge 118   
vanilla-glazed rabbit-shaped cake ball on a stick 100   
airy chocolate meringue cookie filled with whipped hazelnut cream 75   
plate of miniature strawberry cakes frosted with pale yellow buttercream 112   
honey butter cupcake topped with a sleeping spun sugar bear 125   
dainty frosted cupcake topped with a pair of pink spun sugar rabbit ears 137   
On the goldenwood counter
Item Price Done
oversized blueberry-iced cupcake with a plump fondant mammoth perched on top 137   
enormous cake ball coated entirely in rainbow sprinkles 100   
marbled cupcake with fluffy white frosting and a fondant baby wyvern 93   
huge dessert square made up of various sticky sweet layers 81   
slice of snowy white cake frosted with bright orange buttercream 87   
candy-glazed apple-shaped cake ball on a stick 81   
thick chocolate sandwich cookie trimmed in bright edible glitter 75   
plate of tiny glazed donuts topped with hot fudge and crunchy bacon bits 106   
slab of rich chocolate cake layered with velvety cherry cheesecake 62   
enormous rainbow-glazed cupcake on a stick 125   

Nigh Spirits

[Fair Faire Fare, Nigh Spirits]
Water flows down in thin sheets over three of the four walls, backed by bumpy rocks. It tinkles as it falls into a narrow stream that encircles the room. A lip of curling glass protects the wood floor and soft blue rug from the water's occasional splashing. Shelves full of drinks line the final wall to display the shop's wares.
Obvious exits: east, west.

On the glass shelves
Item Price Done
tall bottle of Autumn Red rye beer 75   
tankard of foam-topped Winter's Bite dark ale 81   
flagon of creamy dark chocolate milk stout 87   
fluted glass of honeyed fig wine 81   
glass of sparkling pomegranate wine 93   
oversized glass of autumn sangria swirled with frozen fruit 106   
snifter of golden bourbon mixed with honeyed lemon 93   
glass of vodka-spiked apple cider swirled with lemon curls 68   
waxed paper carton emblazoned with the image of armor-clad mice riding bears 81   !!
chilled mug of creamy egg liqueur dusted with cinnamon 93   
On the stone shelves
Item Price Done
glass of golden rum-spiked sweet tea topped with lemon curls 93   
glass of unsweetened iced tea with fish-shaped lemon water ice cubes 93   
chilled glass of sweet cherry limeade 98   
glass of salted caramel iced coffee topped with whipped cream 106   
steaming mug of nightmare black coffee 55   
glittered paper carton displaying the image of a flowery dragon 106   
glass of Wyvern Mountain spring water garnished with an orange twist 125   
glass of fizzing lemon water garnished with a lime curl 62   
bacon-sprinkled vodka cocktail infused with maple and milk 106   
frosted bottle of milk blended with whipped honey 81   

Berry Goodness

[Fair Faire Fare, Berry Goodness]
Vines grow up trellis-covered walls, their roots securely settled in troughs of dirt that edge the glass floor. Water laps calmly under the thick glass, shifting with any movement of the wagon. Two clear glass counters hold an array of food.
Obvious exits: east, west.

On the glass counter
Item Price Done
deep dish of warm blackberry cobbler smothered in vanilla bean ice cream 166   
blueberry and peach shortcake sandwiched between layers of whipped cream 165   
thick poppy seed waffle topped with berry compote and drizzles of maple cream 152   
chilled bowl of fresh wild berries soaked in champagne 201   
overstuffed taffleberry cream tart with a golden flaky crust 176   
massive muffin stuffed with a colorful blend of fresh berries 151   
petite bowl of juniper berry wine sorbet decorated with a sprig of mint 138   
slice of grilled pound cake topped with macerated strawberries and chocolate sauce 167   
handful of candied berries and fragrant orange peels 150   
thick slice of strawberry cake smeared with raspberry buttercream frosting 137   
On the clear counter
Item Price Done
basket of deep-fried corn fritters stuffed with berries and cheese 153   
pretty glass bowl of trifle overloaded with wine soaked berries and cream 142   
towering slice of banana cream pie layered with strawberries 165   
wedge of white chocolate cheesecake topped with jewel-bright raspberries 181   
fried honeyberry hand pie liberally coated with cinnamon and sugar 155   
slab of rum soaked sponge cake topped with lingonberries 137   
slice of fragrant lemon cake doused with blackberry vodka sauce 175   
toasted corn cake topped with cloudberry jelly and a drizzle of honey cream 162   
frosted cloudberry milkshake topped with a swirl of whipped cream 150   
tiny glass snifter of triple berry tipple 125   

Bundles of Bliss

[Fair Faire Fare, Bundles of Bliss]
Dappled with brightly hued flowers, green fields are painted part way up the walls until the emerald-hue gives away to a cheerful blue sky. A zigzagging plush blue rug runs down the aisle between the neatly polished counters.
Obvious exits: west.

On the glossy counter
Item Price Done
vat of absinthe labeled RAINBOW FAIRY upside down in higgledy-piggledy script 312,500   
topsy-turvy root beer bottle fitted with a leak-proof cap and gravity-fed straw 312,500   !!
tiny tin tea kettle with a spiraling straw sticking out of its spout 312,500   !!
frothy mug of boozy hot chocolate sprinkled with cayenne 312,500   !!
coffee-crammed ceramic banana partly unpeeled to create a naturally formed handle 312,500   !!
wee wooden thimble o' whiskey 312,500   
halved coconut with a petite glittered parasol jauntily angled over a pool of rum 312,500   !!
pearl-crowned silvered glass vessel with an arching handle 312,500   !!
Each drink has 999 volume of a challenger's beverage
On the smooth counter
Item Price Done
glistening wire-mesh bag tied with a greasy grosgrain ribbon - Contains: a tubby peccary crafted from waxed ale-brown leather, a long-necked bottle of bourbon-aged stout, some deep-fried chocolate chip cookie dough balls dusted with powdered sugar, a deep-fried pocket pie filled with sliced brisket and roasted vegetables and some deep-fried salted pretzel balls filled with brown sugar beer 6,250   
set of burnished bamboo boxes bound in a stack by vibrant silk brocade - Contains: a trio of triangular rice balls stuffed with pickled apricots, some seaweed-wrapped sainyuso rolls stuffed with smoked salmon and avocado, a narrow tray of glossy mooncakes pressed with the image of an open lotus blossom, a cup of aromatic green tea garnished with an edible lotus blossom and a pudgy chenille turtle with a pinkish-white lotus blossom for its shell 6,250   
crinkled wheat-brown linen sack spattered with jam stains - Contains: a many layered peanut butter sandwich slathered with three kinds of berry jam, a pile of Rissan Blush apple slices dipped in caramel and dark chocolate, a pair of golden yellow sponge cakes filled with strawberries and whipped cream, a rectangular paper carton painted with the image of a glittering grape cow and a chunky felt cow splotched with glittering grape-hued spots 6,250   
large red-checked gingham napkin knotted into a makeshift pouch - Contains: a squishy gingham dragon checkered in shades of lemon and meringue, a cup of creamy potato salad topped with slices of hardboiled egg, some spicy baked beans served in a hollowed-out sweet corn muffin, some crispy chicken nuggets cut into little swords and shields and a thick slice of tart lemon pie topped with a massive heap of fluffy meringue 6,250   
chintz baguette bag patterned with strips of bacon dancing with eggs - Contains:a rotund reddish-brown cotton squirrel clutching its very bushy tail, an especially large mug of pitch-black coffee, a thick-cut steak covered in a heaping pile of pan-fried meats and sausages, some crispy hashbrowns mixed with grilled onions and spicy peppers and a dozen small maple bacon pancakes topped with pats of butter and whipped honey 6,250   
On the polished counter
Item Price Done
frosted glass-paneled pastry box framed in pink gold - Contains: some triangular cookies filled with sweet poppy seed paste, a thick corduroy donut wrapped up in pink silk icing studded with sprinkles, a soft cake-like cookie frosted with both dark chocolate and vanilla icing, a crisp sweet-glazed bear claw filled with spiced apples and nuts, a gigantic cinnamon roll slathered with sticky brown sugar icing and a frosted pink satin bedroll striped in chocolate and vanilla hues 8,750   
boxy goldenoak beverage tote with a thickly padded handle - Contains: a sticky tankard of peanut butter and jelly ale wrapped in jam-stained flannel, a dark bottle of S'MORE STOUT SIR tied with a marshmallow-white bow, a flagon of frothy banana bread beer garnished with a chunk of dark chocolate, a minuscule mustachioed meshor fox fashioned from fuzzy flannel, a fat bottle of maple bacon coffee porter snugged into a cozy flannel sleeve and a plaid flannel bedroll shaded in gold-washed wheaten hues 8,750   
insulated fishtail oak crate nestled within a knotted rope net - Contains: an ocean-blue spidersilk bedroll patterned with cresting incarnadine waves, a dish of minced raw pork mixed with fresh herbs and thickened with blood, a round of spongy flatbread wrapped around a mixture of raw meats, a glass dish of raw seafood marinated with mixed citrus and sliced chilis, a flagon of sweet and sour duck's blood soup and a portly spidersilk blue crab accented with sanguine markings 8,750   
honey-hued bee skep reinforced with strips of brightly patterned cotton - Contains: a giant plush bumblebee striped in rose and marigold, a mug of warm dandelion and chicory chai lightly sweetened with alfalfa honey, a generous slice of rosemary shortbread sprinkled with coarse sugar, a crisp pastry turnover stuffed with sliced pears and smoked cheese, a honey wheat bread bowl filled to brimming with roasted greens and mixed berries and a lightweight cotton bedroll striped in warm honey-gold hues 8,750   
three-tiered tea chest constructed from lustrous apricot wood - Contains: a plush apricot-hued velvet bedroll trimmed with tea-stained lace, a dainty egg and cress sandwich cut on the diagonal, a sliced red currant scone stuffed full with clotted cream and cloudberry jam, a plate of tiny sponge cakes enrobed in violet-striped marzipan, a fragile porcelain cup filled with fragrant black tea and a slice of lemon and a roly-poly teddy bear covered in floral-patterned pastel chintz 8,750