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Vela'Tohr Caretaker Endalar Onolmeloa
Status: Alive
Guild: Empath
Race: Elothean
Gender: Male
Location: Crossing

Endalar is the caretaker of the Vela'tohr Plant in the Crossing Empath Guild.


You see Vela'Tohr Caretaker Endalar Onolmeloa, Horticulturist of the House of the Verdant Lily, an Elothean Empath.
Endalar has a square face with chiseled jawline and deep smile lines around his eyelids, slightly pointed ears, tilted milky blue eyes and a straight nose. He has thinning white hair, with wrinkled skin and a thin build.
He is tall for an Elothean.
He appears to be wizened.
He is in good shape.

He is wearing a verdant green kimono edged with a vela'tohr pattern, an emerald-green and gold raw silk sash tied with an intricate knot, an intricate gold shesegri ring interspersed with emerald flecks and a gardener's satchel.