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Feature alteration is generally only available via a voucher from an event. Currently, there are only two known alterer that performs this service, Beezell and Hhsuna, outside of the system-available options that Empaths can perform via Shift.

Below are the rules for feature alterations as approved by staff and made available to all for the purpose of aiding in the case of a voucher being offered.

General Rules

While this article is intended to be as accurate as possible, there may be additional rules that are not yet included here. (Just because the article does not expressly prohibit your request does not mean that it is guaranteed to be approved.)

  • All colors must be colors that exist in Elanthia.
  • You cannot imply motion or sound.
  • Avoid active sounding descriptions; stay closer to physical descriptions.
  • You cannot give yourself a constant/active expression or otherwise imply a static mood or emotion.
  • You cannot dictate the feelings or reactions of others.
  • You cannot include features that are vulgar or sexually suggestive.
  • Scars and burns are permitted, but you cannot add/alter tattoos or brands, as those are separate processes.
  • You cannot fundamentally alter how your race looks (nothing that would require you to receive permanent social outrage).
  • No extra body parts.
  • Skin must remain skin; scales must remain scales; fur must remain fur.
  • You cannot incorporate items, non-biological matter (such as metal), or non-living biological matter.
  • You cannot give yourself magical properties, such as emitting light.
  • The GM running the merchant or handling your voucher is the final arbiter of whether your request is a permissible alteration.

Warning: If you get shifted after getting your features altered, you will NOT be able to get your altered feature back.

Race-specific Rules


  • Eyelashes are permitted, but Gor'Togs cannot have any other hair.

S'Kra Mur

See S'Kra Mur Physiology for general guidelines.

  • Tail barbs are permitted.
  • By request of Team S'Kra, head crests alterations have not been allowed, due to the lack of available lore on what constitutes an acceptable variation. This changed as of Hollow Eve Festival 436, when the following guidelines — and the caveat that many merchants, even ones who work on features or feature mirrors, will be unable to alter crests — were released:
Design-wise, keep in mind that the crest slot has some hard-coded text around it, so the feature will need to make sense when immediately followed by the words "which follows the shape of your skull." (For example, there is a GMPC with "a membranous, fin-like crest which follows the shape of his skull.")
In general, characteristics that would be natural for S'Kra Mur skin/scales could conceivably be incorporated in crests as well.
Some other guidelines:
  • It must remain a "crest."
  • nothing that suggests a fresh injury (wounds heal)
  • no dead/rotting flesh
  • no feathers or hair
  • no tattoos or brands (scars are OK)
  • no incorporating items, non-biological matter (such as metal), or non-living biological matter
  • no magical properties (e.g., emitting light or shifting colors)
  • no motion or sound


See Anatomy of the Prydaen for general guidelines.

  • Tortoiseshell and calico coats cannot have additional markings.
  • Glittered coats cannot have any markings.
  • Prydaen with secondary markings must have both color and pattern set.
  • Markings and secondary markings cannot be the same color as the coat.


  • Agouti, brindled, tricolor, and piebald coats cannot have additional markings or masks.
  • Secondary markings cannot be the same color as the coat.
  • If the character has no secondary markings, the mask cannot be the same color as the coat.
  • If there are secondary markings, the mask can be any color.

Formatting of Features

  • Wording order must stay the same as the templates below.
  • Unbracketed text on the templates below cannot be changed. Please consider it when writing your features.
  • Females have a "figure," and males have a "build." This cannot be changed except by changing the character's gender.
  • Each text slot may be 30-50 characters, including spaces.
  • The entire feature line may only be 512 characters total, including spaces.


He/She has a/an [FaceShape] face with [DistinguishMark], [EarCharacter], [EyeCharacter] [RightEyeColor and LeftEyeColor] eyes and a/an [NoseCharacter] nose, [DimpleCharacter] and a/an [ChinCharacter] chin. His/Her [HairStreak]-streaked [HairColor] hair is [HairLength] and [HairBaseStyle] [HairQuirks] and is worn [HairArrange]. He/She has [SkinColor] skin and a/an [WeightCharacter] build/figure.
He/She is [HeightCharacter] for a Race.


He/She has a/an [FaceShape] face with [DistinguishMark], [EyeCharacter] [RightEyeColor and LeftEyeColor] eyes and a/an [NoseCharacter] nose, [DimpleCharacter] and a/an [ChinCharacter] chin. He/She has [SkinColor] skin and a/an [WeightCharacter] build/figure.
He/She is [HeightCharacter] for a Gor'Tog.

S'Kra Mur

He/She has a/an [FaceShape] face with [HeadCrest], [DistinguishMark], [EyeCharacter] slitted [RightEyeColor and LeftEyeColor] eyes and a/an [NoseCharacter] snout, [SkinColor] scales with [UnderbellyFreeText], a/an [TailCharacter] tail, and a/an [WeightCharacter] build/figure.
He/She is [HeightCharacter] for a S'Kra Mur.


He/She has a/an [FaceShape] face with [DistinguishMark], [EarCharacter] ears, cat-slitted [EyeCharacter] [RightEyeColor and LeftEyeColor] eyes and a/an [NoseCharacter] nose. His/Her [HairStreak]-streaked [HairColor] mane is [HairLength] and [HairBaseStyle] [HairQuirks] and is worn [HairArrange]. He/She has [SkinColor] fur with [CoatMarkingFreeText] and [SecCoatColorFreeText] [SecCoatMarkingFreeText], a/an [TailCharacter] tail and a/an [WeightCharacter] build/figure.
He/She is [HeightCharacter] for a Prydaen.


  • Animal Form

He/She has a/an [AnimalFaceShape] face with [DistinguishMark], [EarCharacter], [AnimalEyeShape] [AnimalEyeColor] eyes, a/an [AnimalNoseShape] muzzle, [DimpleCharacter] and a/an [ChinCharacter] chin, a/an [ShapeShiftSkin] and [CoatMarking] coat with [SecCoatColor] masking, a/an [TailCharacter] and a/an [WeightCharacter] build. He/She is [HeightCharacter] for a Rakash.

  • Non-Animal Form

He/She has a/an [FaceShape] face with [DistinguishMark], [EarCharacter], [EyeCharacter] [EyeColor] eyes, a/an [NoseCharacter] nose, [DimpleCharacter] and a/an [ChinCharacter] chin. His/Her [HairStreak]-streaked [HairColor] hair is [HairLength] and [HairBaseStyle] [HairQuirks], and is worn [HairArrange]. He/She has [SkinColor] skin and a [WeightCharacter] build/figure.
He/She is [HeightCharacter] for a Rakash.

  • Please note that all options carry over to both forms except FaceShape, EyeCharacter, EyeColors, NoseCharacter, and SkinColor.

Examples of Approved Features

These are included only to give you a general idea of the types of changes that are permissible. Copying another player's custom features is prohibited, as much of the value of a custom feature depends on no one else having it.

Full Customization

Molk has a broad face with gaunt cheekbones, squinty purple eyes and a mole-covered nose. His mud-brown hair is waist-length and ragged with dead bugs and dirt on it, and is worn tied back. He has oily skin and an obese build.
He is laughably short for a Dwarf.

Molk has a pudgy face, slitted brown-edged eyes, one azure and one marigold and a speckled snout, lavender scales with brilliant purple stripes, a regal tail and a muscular build.
He is far above average height for a S'Kra Mur.

Partial Customization

Are you stuck or wondering what could possibly be approved? Here are some examples of past alterations that have been approved.

Eyes - EyeCharacter and EyeColor is included
sparkling orange-flecked green eyes
piercing fiery red eyes
cat-slitted icy blue eyes
crimson haloed and boundless abyssal-black eyes
captivating arboreal green eyes
  • Rejected (Not Allowed): beguiling, bewitching, breathtaking, enchanting, enthralling, entrancing, hypnotic, mesmerizing, and spellbinding
  • Please note this feature slot appears immediately after FaceShape, or appears first if there is no FaceShape present. For S'Kra Mur, this appears AFTER the HeadCrest slot.
gracefully arched eyebrows
shiny and round roly-poly cheeks
a small birthmark on the left temple
a splotchy, crimson birthmark under the chin and tanned skin
a layer of translucent downy fur with exotic dark stripes
full upturned lips framed by tiny dimples
a rounded, weak chin
a narrow, pointed chin
  • Please note that any words that appear after face are a different slot (DistinguishMark.)
finely featured
disturbingly-wide mouth set within an angular
rakish and charismatic
muscular and athletic
remarkably short
Hair - HairColor, HairLength, HairBaseStyle included
flavescent-streaked honeyed hair is waist-length and silky
lightly peppered smoke-black hair that is waist-length and thick
red-streaked bone white hair that is cropped with shaved sides and has rakishly spiked tips
ember-streaked metallic iron-hued hair

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