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This is a type of cloth.

It is unknown if this material must be provided for alterations, but samples of this fabric can be purchased from Griniel's Cottage in Therengia.


ItemSource isRare item
Black Elothean lace collarEveryday and Somedaytrue
Cassock of diaphanous celadon silk and Elothean laceAkaterina's Cassockstrue
Cream spidersilk bodice over a snowy white chemiseCourtly Styles (1)false
Crimson velvet bodice delicately embroidered with black rosebuds and tightly laced with ebony cords over a dainty lace chemiseGriniel's Cottagetrue
Deep blue spidersilk bodice with black Elothean lace sleevesSindah's Silk Sensations (1)Sindah's Silk Sensations (2)Sindah's Silk Sensations (3)true
Elegant wrap of wispy Elothean lace sprinkled with iridescent crystal beadingSilk Lotus (1)Silk Lotus (2)true
Ethereal night-black Elothean lace shawl edged with pale grey damaryn pearlsSilk Lotus (1)Silk Lotus (2)true
Floor-length Elothean lace veil with a dramatic diamond and Ilithi emerald tiaraBridal BlushTrevellyn's of Leth Deri'eltrue
Fragile white Elothean lace shawl edged with snowy geshi pearlsSilk Lotus (1)Silk Lotus (2)true
Full-length chiffon gown dyed in hues of violet and redTurialo's Haven (2)Turialo's Haven (4)Turialo's Haven (8)true
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