Courtly Styles (1)

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Courtly Styles
Province Therengia
Town Therenborough
Map Ranik's Map 42
Owner Frahnz
# of Rooms 3
Store Type Clothing shops, Container shops, Jewelry shops
This store only accepts Lirums

Main Sales Room

[Courtly Styles, Main Sales Room]
Velvet draperies on the walls have been pulled back to frame luxurious tapestries. Plush burgundy carpet muffles the footfalls of customers and sales staff. Racks and stands have been neatly lined in front of a long mahogany counter with a marble top. Platinum-based candelabras stand in each corner of the room, shedding a soft light on the wares. You also see Frahnz.
Obvious exits: east, out.

On the slatted rack
Item Price Done
dusky grey embroidered spidersilk scarf 9,600   
pristine white silk scarf with long fringe 5,000   
felt tobacco pouch beautifully embroidered with a variety of pipes 13,500   
black silk-lined suspenders with silver clasps 2,700   
jewel-encrusted grey suspenders with gold clasps 34,000   
On the long mahogany counter
Item Price Done
pearlescent clamshell handbag with a gold-linked strap 6,500   
silk chartreuse purse stitched with silver beadwork 5,100   
ivory haircomb inlaid with ruby-throated songbirds 8,800   
In the woven cane stand
Item Price Done
mahogany walking cane capped with a silver falcon's head 16,000   
mistwood cane with a golden wolf head for a handle 16,000   
ironwood cane topped with a small crystal globe 16,000   
ebony cane with a handle shaped like an orc's head 8,500   
On the jewelry stand
Item Price Done
sparkling crystal choker dripping with tiny ruby teardrops 44,000   
platinum diadem sprinkled with sapphire dust 69,750   
animite cufflinks inset with faceted emeralds 326,750   
shield-engraved gold cufflinks 6,400   
bloodwood cane topped with a ruby-eyed dragon's head 26,000   

Women's Parlor

[Courtly Styles, Woman's Parlor]
Painted in a soft rose and edged with a moss-green ivy border, this room is decidedly feminine. Chairs with chintz-covered pillows and lace doilies are a resting place for weary shoppers or bored spouses. Racks of clothing have been placed about the room, showing off the fine fabrics and colors to their best advantage. You also see a chair with chintz-covered pillows.
Obvious exits: north, west.

On the pine rack
Item Price Done
delicate lavender lace shawl with silk fringes 32,000   
powder blue spidersilk bodice over a snowy white chemise 48,700   
cream spidersilk bodice over a snowy white chemise 43,000   
white silk slippers with sapphire-tipped ribbon laces 12,700   
crimson silk slippers with ruby-tipped ribbon laces 17,600   
lavender silk slippers with amethyst-tipped ribbon laces 8,600   
On the ironwood rack
Item Price Done
coral silk ballgown with ivory lace flounces 25,000   !!
black crushed velvet gown with ruby beads lining the sleeves cuffs 22,600   !!
floor-length jade spidersilk gown with silver shoulder straps 70,500   !!
lavender silk robe with crystal teardrops dangling from the neckline 34,000   !!
emerald-green beaded gown with layers of petticoats 27,500   !!
On the mahogany rack
Item Price Done
amber brocade skirt cinched with a thin white belt 32,000   !!
sheer veil trimmed with faceted pink quartz 5,600   
dark veil embellished with sapphire beads 10,550   
silvery white veil edged with a gold and silver braiding 5,000   
flared ice-blue taffeta skirt with white spidersilk lacings 24,000   !!

Men's Study

[Courtly Styles, Men's Study]
Dark stained paneling and thick velvet drapes make the lanterns in the corners of the room necessary. Plush leather chairs and a solid brass spittoon in the corner are signs of the masculine customers this room caters to. A large bloodwood armoire and clothes racks are refilled by silent clerks as the wares are bought.
Obvious exits: south.

In the large bloodwood armoire
Item Price Done
dusty grey brocade vest with silver chains 10,880   
sweeping deep blue cape with a scarlet silk lining 30,000   !!
jewel-embellished courtepy of black velvet 22,000   !!
black brocade cloak tunic with a braided gold trim along the sides 28,800   
On the bloodwood rack
Item Price Done
black velvet sash with a ruby beaded fringe 9,400   
midnight blue tunic with a silver knotwork embroidered on the front 75200   
grey silk sash with amber studs attached in a crisscross pattern 3,050   
storm-grey linen shirt with carved ivory buttons 2,440   !!
royal blue silk shirt with silver knotwork on the collar and cuffs 15,040   !!
On the ebony rack
Item Price Done
crushed velvet doublet embroidered with golden laurel leaves 5,760   
burgundy silk doublet fastened with a narrow row of gold buttons 24,000   
grey and silver silk paneled breeches gathered at the knee 9,600   !!
pleated fawn-brown trousers with carved amber buttons 1,600   !!
pleated blue trousers with carved ivory buttons 1,840   !!
pleated forest-green trousers with scrimshaw buttons 1,840   !!
On the tie rack
Item Price Done
grey silk tie hand-painted with a delicate white rose 2,400   
expertly folded black silk tie with a gold ram's head clip 4,800   
emerald green tie decorated with gold and auburn leaves in a diagonal pattern 3,200   
gold silk tie decorated with a crisscross pattern of silver thread 3,200