Sindah's Silk Sensations (1)

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Sindah's Silk Sensations
Event Hollow Eve Festival 396, Hollow Eve Festival 399
Owner Sindah
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Clothing shops, Jewelry shops
This store only accepts Dokoras
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[Sindah's Silk Sensations]
Partially concealing the drab walls and ceiling, colorful banners of translucent silk flutter in the slightest breeze. Piled high with bolts of cloth, a brushed steel table has been bolted to the unadorned metal floor. You also see a stack of boxes with some stuff on it, a counter with some stuff on it, a long table with some stuff on it, a wardrobe, a shelf with some stuff on it, a rack with some stuff on it and a door.

On the stack of boxes
Item Price Done
storm-grey leather boots 18,040   No
high-heeled grey mistsilk slippers 18,040   No
dark green leather boots 18040   No
high-heeled dark green silk slippers 18,040   No
copper and russet suede boots 18,040   !!
high-heeled ivory silk slippers 18,040   No
black leather boots laced with dusky blue cords 18,040   No
high-heeled dusky blue slippers 18,040   
high-heeled firesilk slippers 18,040   No
dark grey leather boots lined with bright firesilk 18,040   No
light grey suede boots with pale blue stitching 18,040   No
high-heeled moonsilk slippers 18,040   
On the jewelry stand
Item Price Done
gold bracelet strung with nuggets of volcano's heart citrines 464,530   No
wide silver bracelet inlaid with white diamonds and summer's heart sapphires 419,430   No
spiraling golden bracelet channel-set with tiny forest's heart garnets 432,960   No
gold bracelet framing a marquise-cut lion's heart topaz 464,530   No
wide platinum bracelet channel-set with violet's heart amethysts 496,100   No
On the earring tree
Item Price Done
platinum earrings set with tiny volcano's heart citrines 405,900   No
dangling flower-shaped earrings set with tiny summer's heart sapphires 320,210   No
silver earrings set with tiny forest's heart garnets 338,250   No
gold earrings set with tiny lion's heart topazes 360,800   No
dangling earrings set with tiny violet's heart amethysts 320,210   No
On the long table
Item Price Done
blue-green mistsilk shirt front-laced with teal cord 45,100   
blue-grey mistsilk bodice trimmed with silver satin 45,100   
dark green Elven silk shirt 45,100   
dark green bodice of Elven silk 45,100   No
loose-fitting ivory Musparan silk shirt 45,100   
rich copper Musparan silk bodice 45,100   
open-necked black Elothean silk shirt 45,100   
deep blue spidersilk bodice with black Elothean lace sleeves 45,100   
multicolored firesilk bodice front-laced with smoky nightsilk cords 45,100   No
vivid firesilk shirt front-laced with nightsilk cords 45,100   
elegant moonsilk shirt trimmed with mistsilk 45,100   
corseted moonsilk bodice with mistsilk straps 45,100   
In the wardrobe
Item Price Done
teal mistsilk cloak with grey leather ties 72,160   
pale golden hooded cloak with a dark green lining 72,160   
elegant hooded cloak tailored from russet suede 72,160   No
black hooded cloak crafted from fine Elothean silk 72,160   No
grey nightsilk hooded cloak lined with bright firesilk 72,160   No
hooded cloak of translucent grey mistsilk 72,160   
On the shelf
Item Price Done
dark grey mistsilk pants 45,100   
loose-fitting pants tailored from green Elven silk 45,100   
russet Musparan silk pants 45,100   
dark blue spidersilk pants with black embroidery 45,100   
smoky grey nightsilk pants accented with golden firesilk 45,100   
muted blue moonsilk pants 45,100   
On the rack
Item Price Done
flowing teal mistsilk skirt overlaid with pale silver lace 45,100   
green Elven silk skirt overlaid with pale gold lace 45,100   No
ivory Musparan silk skirt accented with autumnal ribbons 45,100   
twilight-hued spidersilk skirt trimmed with fragile black lace 45,100   
layered skirt of bright firesilk scarves 45,100   No
shimmering skirt of pastel mistsilk scarves 45,100   
On the steel table
Item Price Done
length of violet firesilk fabric 30,000   
length of lilac silk fabric 40,003   
length of sunny silk fabric 40,003   
length of Musparan silk fabric 40,003   
length of steelsilk fabric 30,000   
length of moss-green silk fabric 30,000   
length of orange silk fabric 30,000   
length of moonspun silk fabric 40,003   
length of blue nightsilk fabric 40,003   
length of rosy silk fabric 30,000   
length of grey mistsilk fabric 40,003