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Name Skill Season Time Special Conditions Terrain Body Part Healed
dioica sap <460 all desert, ice cap, steppe all external scars

Recall Herb

  • You recall dioica sap is used to heal external scars of the entire body, and is generally found in deserts, ice caps, steppes, and freshwater wetlands.


Common Locations

Found in desert & tundra areas, often in the same places as qun pollen.





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Other Notes

  • Dioica sap is an alchemical ingredient akin to cebi root from 2.0. It makes an ointment or a poultice.
  • Can be foraged at 380 ranks, with a quality of 40. Collectable at or before 590 ranks.
  • When the Remedies system was released, initially this herb was called jalbreth sap. However, due to technical/naming issues, GM Kodius renamed the herb to dioica. The system will automatically convert jalbreth to dioica as soon as you dry it in a pyramid.


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