Chris' Mass Festival 392

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Shop Key by Location

Location Shop Appearance Shop Name Types of Inventory
Crossing Outside the East Gate a faded blue awning Silly Souvenirs Jugglies, Tourist Items
Crossing Outside the Moon Mage Guild a simple tent Mottled Metal Cambrinth Items
Crossing Outside and one north of the NorthEast Gate a rough wooden wagon covered in hides Great Outdoors Ranger Only Shop
Crossing Town Green Southeast a lavish flamewood caravan Snarflepie's Traveling Workshop Alterer, free Snacks
Crossing Amusement Pier a pale golden tent decorated with embroided daises Fair Daisy Containers, clothes, formal wear
Crossing Town Green North a massive black tent with silver-edged crimson banderoles Jakuv's All-Trades Outlet Profession themed goods of all types.
Crossing West Gate, outside Ancient Tower A Feleka Audiwah; a red tent flying an orange flag; a rundown wagon; a tattered tent Uz Zinat; Kifa Awrocis; Cefrit of Odcoru; Pawla's Permutations Various Rakash themed merchants
Leth Deriel Two Northwest of the town center a sturdy wooden wagon with an enclosed silk awning set up in front of it Cacophony of Silver and Glass Jewelry, Accessories, Mirrors for Housing
Riverhaven One North of Town Square a white silk tent Utazi Ngonga's Knit Apparel Sweaters, Fuzzy Hats, and some Cloaks
Therenborough Quadrangle a covered wagon Snookie's Holiday Souvenirs Holiday Trinkets
Aesry One Southeast of the bank a brightly painted wagon Tisk's Wagon Gnome
Shard Kukalakai's Grove (inside of Great Tower) a white pine caravan painted with the emblem of a clenched fist Albarian Imports Gorbesh themed clothing/containers/camb