Albarian Imports

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Albarian Imports
Festival Chris' Mass Festival 392
Owner Unorina Isderuos, Gabra Nihomakan
# of Rooms 2
Store Type Cambrinth shops, Clothing shops, Container shops, Kaldar shops, Magic shops, Miscellaneous shops
This store only accepts Dokoras

[Albarian Imports, Sales Floor]
Frosted glass lanterns filled with a glowing amber liquid dot the low ceiling, providing a pleasing illumination and atmosphere to the room. A white ironwood shelf, framed by a pair of metal hooks, hangs over a scarred mahogany butcher's block. Jewel-toned tapestry rugs cover the floor beneath the battered folding table that sits in the center of the room. You also see a beaded curtain and a white pine door.
Obvious exits: west.

On the ironwood shelf
Item Price Done
cambrinth Gnome statuette 38,983   !!
braided cambrinth and white ironwood anklet hung with silver fist-shaped charms 17,451   
leather wristband studded with cambrinth clenched fists 27,060   !!
braided white ironwood ring set with a cambrinth clenched fist 4,510   
On the pewter hook
Item Price Done
oilcloth sailor's pack painted with the image of a Gorbesh armada 7,599   !!
marbleized spidersilk pack adorned with an iolite clasp 63,159   !!
hand-painted leather haversack adorned with a luminous sunstone 28,864   !!
ice-blue silk satchel with a white drusy quartz clasp 32,556   
stormy grey leather haversack adorned with a platinum clasp 63,140   
On the copper hook
Item Price Done
forest-green pack clasped with a white ironwood anchor 5,578   !!
amber firesilk shoulder satchel adorned with a gleaming fire opal 80,747   !!
embroidered dark leather pack with a polished iron clasp 6,819   !!
blood-red haversack decorated with a golden medallion 9,741   !!
steelsilk knapsack bejeweled with a glimmering moonstone globe 47,249   
pitch-black backpack adorned with a carved bone clasp 8,462   !!
On the butcher's block
Item Price Done
rainbow hematite-hilted skinning knife etched with the crest of the Lord of the Mists 13,530   
tiger's eye-hilted skinning knife etched with the emblem of the Hearth Mother 17,484   
polished silver carving knife engraved with the crest of the Ice Mother 63,140   
skinning knife set with an iolite stamped with the emblem of the Storm Mistress 5,863   
white ironwood-hilted carving knife carved with the symbol of Eimeuz the Builder 4,510   
crimson jasper-hilted carving knife etched with the insignia of the Lady of Fire 5,863   
dull grey skinning knife etched with the crest of the Lord of Iron 2,886   
bloodwood-hilted carving knife carved with the emblem of the God of Blood 4,510   
steel skinning knife etched with the insignia of the Lady of Spirit 2,886   !!!!
bone-hilted skinning knife etched with the emblem of the Dragon God 2,886   
On the folding table
Item Price Done
supple leather thigh bag painted with clenched silver fist 9,922   
hand-painted white ironwood case clasped with a burnished rainbow hematite 44,409   
shadowy black quiver with a white ironwood clasp 5,863   
braided doeskin thigh quiver 4,377   !!
ice-blue ankle sheath 5,221   
marbled gargoyle-hide belt sheath 8,569   
thigh sheath fashioned from a weathered mammoth tusk 15,785   

[Albarian Imports, Dressing Room]
Not much bigger than a clothes closet, this tiny room nonetheless plays host to an oversized mahogany cloak rack which is flanked by an iron-bound chest and a silverwillow trunk. A trio of metal hooks hangs above a cherry gateleg table. A three-way mirror occupies the far corner, reflecting the soft glow of the frosted crystal lanterns which are suspended from the vaulted ceiling. You also see a VERY PROMINENT SIGN.
Obvious exits: east.

"Due to the rarity and expense of both icesilk and Albarian lace, as well the very great difficulty we have in obtaining these fabrics our shop assistants will display only handful of these items at any given time. Please check back often for new items."

On the cloak rack (ROTATES)
Item Price Done
amber firesilk sochi fastened with a fire opal pendant 65,796   
mist-hued wool sochi clasped with a luminous iolite 17,632   
ice-blue sochi clasped with glittering white drusy quartz 38,239   
stormy grey leather sochi adorned with a gleaming platinum pendant 16,609   
steel-grey sochi embellished with an iron clasp 6,697   
blood-red leather sochi adorned with a tri-gold clasp 16,609   
ebon-hued sochi fastened by a carved bone medallion 8,651   
ethereal white sochi clasped by an a flawless moonstone globe 54,187   
leather sochi embroidered with an elaborate scene 1,6073   
ebon-hued sochi fastened by a carved bone medallion 8,651   
terra cotta sochi ornamented with a carved sunstone 38,239   
Outrider's sochi adorned with a silver fist 9,822   
oilcloth mariner's sochi clasped with a silver clenched fist 22,101   
On the iron-bound chest
Item Price Done
iron-grey shirt fastened with silver clenched fists 8,523   
long-sleeved doeskin shirt with carved white ironwood buttons 4,403   
forest-green shirt 4,261   
rugged dark brown pants with a leather belt 4,261   !!
gargoyle-hide pants with silver studs 5,123   
shadowy black pants 4,510   
indigo pants with silver overstitching 4,870   
On the silverwillow trunk
Item Price Done
cross-wrapped ruven of claret velvet trimmed in Albarian lace 106,887   
batiked cross-wrapped ruven of glimmering ebony silk 67,650   !!
cross-wrapped ruven of forest-green cotton 27,060   
cross-wrapped ruven of rich golden velvet trimmed in amber beads 41,503   !!
icy blue cross-wrapped ruven trimmed in Albarian lace 113,201   
On the platinum hook
Item Price Done
smoky quartz icesilk sochi clasped with barion-cut topaz 757,680   
gleaming sapphire icesilk sochi adorned with a ice-white diamond 757,680   
On the silver hook
Item Price Done
exquisite aquamarine icesilk gown with an Albarian lace bodice 173,353   
garnet icesilk gown with a beaded halter neckline 190,266   
On the golden hook
Item Price Done
emerald icesilk shirt 61,493   
peridot icesilk blouse adorned with glimmering moonstones 26,857