Utazi Ngonga's Knit Apparel (1)

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Utazi Ngonga's Knit Apparel
Festival Chris' Mass Festival 389, Chris' Mass Festival 392, Temple Reopening
Owner Utazi
# of Rooms 2
Store Type Clothing shops
This store only accepts Kronars

[Utazi Ngonga's Knit Apparel]
Light shines through the white silk roof of the tent, casting a soft glow over the racks and tables of goods. Festive wall hangings cover the walls of the tent, depicting the processes Utazi uses to create her wares. You also see a wooly white sheep, a lunat jewelry stand with some stuff on it, an accessory table with some stuff on it, a clothing rack with some stuff on it, a curtain, a small placard and a tent flap.
Obvious exits: none.

"In honor of the blessed occasion of the opening of the Temple, I will be donating twenty percent 
of my profits to the Temple construction fund. Praise be to Tamsine for her gifts to us all!" 
On the accessory table
Item Price Done
white lace shawl tied with tiny iridescent beads 3,625   No
midnight-blue woven belt embellished with fanciful renderings of the heavens 1,050   No
sky-blue knit scarf patterned with white woolen clouds 625   
red knit woolen cap topped with a fuzzy fringe ball 1,125   
small white linen skullcap decorated with a stylized black king snake 750   No
blue woolen socks 937   No
bright tangerine muffler fringed with red and yellow yarn 575   No
yellow wool mittens 375   No
blood red linen hip pouch woven in black with dancing barbarians 1,625   
hip pouch knit in the shape of a meadow ram's head 2,720   No
On the jewelry stand
Item Price Done
tiny red beaded pouch strung on a black silk cord 1,500   
grass-green flaxen anklet 325   
rough sand-colored yarn necklace 900   No
knotted thread wristlet strung with carved bone beads 500   
knotless net pouch suspended from a braided waxed linen cord 887   No
sea-colored necklace of soft twisted yarn 900   No
small violet linen pouch strung on a dark blue cord 1,375   
On the clothing rack
Item Price Done
loose green sweater striped with narrow yellow and orange bands 1,250   No
brown yak hair sweater knitted with the crest of the Trader Guild 1,437   No
forest green wool cloak embroidered at the edges with elaborate ivory knotwork 6,250   
flowing cinnamon tunic patterned with umber arrowheads 1,375   No
purple sweater knitted with dozens of floating tarts 2,187   No
tightly-knit indigo dress with a flared skirt 2,625   
tight brown sweater knitted around the waist with a coiling grey snake 1,406   No
lavender cableknit sweater 1,237   No
tight black high-necked sweater 1,250   
sleeveless light blue linen dress patterned with tiny white flowers 2,625   No
deep red knee-length tunic patterned with leaping orange flames 1,387   
grey wool cloak woven with the image of two singing sisters 6,232   

[Utazi's Tent, Back Room]
Baskets of colorful yarn balls and large spools of bright thread are spread over the ground, as if a dozen colorful moonbeams were focused here, filtered by the gauzy roof of the tent. A small stool provides a place for Utazi to sit and spin, though no spinning wheel is in sight. You also see a curtain.
Obvious exits: none.