Mottled Metal

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The Mottled Metal
Event Chris' Mass Festival 392, Chris' Mass Festival 396
Owner Zenastara
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Cambrinth shops, Magic shops
This store only accepts Kronars

[The Mottled Metal, Show Room]
The furnishings of the tent are sparse, and no flap covers the opening. A bucket and small table sit in the center of the tent, and a hand-lettered sign is pinned to the wall.
Obvious exits: none.

A sign reads:

Mistress Zenastara has now opened her Magic Shop on Aesry and invites mages of all ages to visit.

On the wooden table
Item Price Done
Stock rotates
large cambrinth dolphin suspended from a heavy chain 75,000   !!
cambrinth wren medallion 112,500   !!
coiling cambrinth kingsnake armband 75,000   !!
large cambrinth raven hung from a heavy chain 75,000   !!
cambrinth welkin armband 75,000   !!
cambrinth raccoon medallion 112,500   !!

In the tin bucket
Item Price Done
Stock is seasonal.
A tin bucket reads: "This bucket contains practice pieces made by apprentices. The cambrinth is of inferior quality, but the small sizes make them excellent training tools for young mages."
cambrinth wristband 4,375   !!
cambrinth dodecahedron 2,500   !!
cambrinth marble 875   !!
cambrinth cube 1,875   !!
cambrinth lollipop 1,875   !!
cambrinth gumdrop 875   !!
cambrinth candy cane 2,500   !!
cambrinth cambrinth holly garland 4,375   !!