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Blood General Vigther
Status: Alive
Guild: Barbarian
Race: Adan'f
Gender: Male
Location: Ilithi
Type: Dragon Priest
Associates: Serzyn, Zaevas, Xerasyth, Iszanua, Fatave, Vaktarr

Blood General Vigther is an Adan'f Blood Warrior who became the leader of the Adan'f once the Necromancer Xerasyth completed his transformation into a S'kra Mur. He has served the new Dragon Priest Empire along with Xerasyth and Zaevas. His strength was increased massively on multiple occasions as a result of Xerasyth's tinkering, resulting in him being nearly unstoppable. Uses a flail and composite bow.

Vigther has been captured by Shard on two occasions. The first was orchestrated by Xelten and Ileia. He was freed when Serzyn sent korograths to attack Shard as a distraction while the Sanguine Eye tricked Tower officials into making his escape possible. The second time, he killed his cell guards with a metal chamberpot and broke down the door. The cell has since been reinforced, and now only wooden chamberpots are supplied to prisoners.


You see Blood General Vigther, an Elite Adan'f Blood Warrior.
Standing very tall for an Adan'f, Vigther's taut, muscular body is covered in black scales with deep crimson edges. He has a short, deformed snout bearing a jagged scar that spans its entire length and a thick tail. His deep-set emerald green eyes constantly survey his surroundings. His physical build makes him appear in his prime, though it is betrayed by a seemingly old face.
He is in good shape.

He is wearing an ivory-inlaid ebony composite bow decorated with bone end caps, a black leather thigh quiver with bone studs, some crimson leather pants with rawhide laces up the sides, a tattered black linen shirt with slashed arms, a scratched bronze tailband adorned with jagged steel blades, a pair of thick-soled kidskin leather boots and a patchwork rawhide weapon harness.


  • Vighter's Home

[Ice Caves, Vigther's Quarters]
The frigid chamber of smoothed stone is barely lit by a large brazier in the center of the room. The battered wooden practice dummy and large archery target that dominate the space have seen extensive use. A large weapons rack displaying a wide array of battle gear stands next to a rock slab bed. You also see an oak table, a chair and a pile of rubble.
Also here: Blood General Vigther who is sitting.
Obvious paths: west