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Status: Unknown
Race: Elothean
Gender: Male

The historian bard, Silvyrlock mis-recorded the name of Catrayth, the well-known Savant Mage from Shard whose mother was a Mountain Elf and whose father was Elothean. Silvyrlock spelled it with an 'i' instead of 'y' in his work, Shard Histories. Catrayth Firedrayk spells his given name with a Y, as is the custom among his mother's people.

At the exact same time (around 350AV) that Catrayth first visited Zoluren, acting as an Ambassador during the strategic negotiations which opened the Gondola once more, someone claiming to be the same Ambassador, who called himself Catraith, also visited. There was quite a shuffle in The Crossing and Leth Deriel as people tried to figure out what was going on.

As soon as the populace realized that there were two of them, and one must be an imposter - people started lining up on sides. Citing Silvyrlock's work, spelling became the most popular argument that the one called Catraith was the genuine Ambassador.

But, in truth, the one called Catraith was the imposter. Who was pulling off this near-perfect disguise? It was the Necromancer, Sidhlot SilverVeil. Sidhlot is a bitter enemy (rival?) to Queen Morganae and it is the opinion of this writer that Sidhlot did this only to cause confusion and to try to foil the negotiations. He is Sidhlot, he needs no further reason to cause chaos other than breathing.

For those who saw through his disguise and stood by Catrayth as the true Ambassador, they tell how it was the little things that made them think Catraith (Sidhlot) was the Imposter. Completely uncharacteristic actions slipped out every once in a while like sneers and lies. The Imposter Catraith seemed far more self-involved and self-indulgent, as well as far too willing to do things against the law.

Appearance at the DiSilveron Ball

(note: Sidhlot was not impersonating the real Ambassador Catrayth at the Ball as he did years before. Although Sidhlot was in attendance at the DiSilveron Ball, too, he did not impersonate anyone important)
This is what the real Ambassador Catrayth looked like at the Ball:

You see Ambassador Catrayth Firedrayk of Shard, the Savant Mage.
He has cat-slitted amber eyes, shoulder length wavy dark brown hair that is loose, and very pale skin.
He appears to be young for an...Elf?
He is wearing a circlet of twisted silver wire with a single circular crystal inset between the brows, a tailored grey silk cummerbund, a dark grey carved-velvet surcoat edged with ermine, a full-sleeved white silk shirt, some pleated black trousers, a pair of polished black leather knee boots, a dusty gray satchel, some fine Elothean gold bracelets and a boutonniere.
You notice that while Catrayth appears to be very thin and sickly, he has an alarmingly bright gleam to his eyes.