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Thieves have a number of special ambushes. Most, however, don't work on flying targets. Ambush commands, if learned, are listed with AMBUSH HELP. Thief ambushes check the Stealth skill, the Backstab skill, the Debilitation skill, a weapon skill, and a stat contest.

To find out information about the ambush from the specific guildleader - Ask <GuildLeader> about <Ambush Name>

To learn the ambush from that guildleader - Ask <Guildleader> about <Ambush Name> CHOOSE

Summary of ambushes

Ability Type Skill Slots Prereqs Effect
Choke ambush debilitation 1 ​3rd circle -Stamina (stat), Fatigue damage
Stun ambush debilitation 2 25th circle Causes head damage and variable duration stun dependent on success.
Screen ambush debilitation 2 30th circle, Ambush Choke -Perception skill, random roundtimes to all engaged targets on success.
Slash ambush debilitation 2 39th circle Prevents the target from retreating or moving for a short period along with dropping the target to their knees on top success.
Clout ambush debilitation 2 50th circle, Ambush Stun Concentration damage, pulsing drain, causes loss of prepared spell
Ignite ambush 2 Ambush Slash Lowers armor value by damaging armor, or causes physical damage to unarmored body parts.

Where to Learn Ambushes

Certain ambushes can only be learned by specific Guildleaders.

Kalag the Sly

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