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Release Info

A new pet collection system, Little Ephemera, is now available in all instances.

To get started, head over to Zenastara's Magical Curios in Aesry Surlaenis'a. Purchase a crystalline fibril for 5 platinum Lirums, and once it's properly prepared, you will have access to a new verb: EPHEMERON. From there, you will be able to begin your search for ephemera to capture.

What can one do with ephemera, you ask? For now, you can collect them and show them in your LOOK. (They cannot battle yet; that's going to be a future expansion of the system.)

Ephemera Info


The initial release consists of 56 ephemera.

  • 53 in the open world.
  • 1 only obtainable through the SimuCon 2022 perk.
  • 1 only obtainable at certain times.
  • 1 is... somewhere else, and is not obtainable by any means at this time.

There are 5 new ephemera to add to your ephemera collection from Taisidon, via the Taisidon Mystery microtransaction event.


Rarity Class Energy

Known Ephemera

Total: 59 of 61.

Amorphous jade-green chimerarareextraplanardivineMisenseor AbbeyAs with all things antinomic, this many-shaped, many-souled divinity carries with it an insidious peril: It is absolutely outside the vast perception, even comprehension, of the Immortals.
Anloral-adorned dolphinuncommonbeastdivineMerk'resh
Although dolphins of all kinds are often trained by the Merelew who cherish them, some of Eluned's chosen have been known to find and carry holy anloral stones.
Biter (ephemeron)uncommonbeastprimalStone ClanThe adult form of a beisswurm, the Biter is a fearsome reptilian beast perpetually shrouded in a cloud of frost.
Blackfire lionrareextraplanarprimalChyolvea Tayeu'a
Blight maggotcommonbeastsylvanBoar Clan (Pilgrimage Trail)The blight maggot looks like a giant leech. Its slimy surface glistens with a disgusting black ooze, with intermittent eruptions of sickly yellow pus. The repulsive beast leaps to and fro with frightening speed, seemingly uninterested in the crawling of its smaller brethren.
Cancrine blood puppetcommonundeadpsychicCrossing
The puppet is nothing more than a crawling sac of blood with ten near-vestigial legs.
Causal aberrationrareextraplanarpsychicFrozen HeavensWhen this teleologic monstrosity encounters Moon Mages, it makes them weep with existential sorrow. When it encounters living concepts of the Plane of Probability, it devours, digesting them into impossibilities and unborn abstractions.
Chocolate welkincommonfaedivineFoothills - Abandoned Road
Stone Clan
Conifer-cone spawncommonconstructsylvanWolf Clan
Aesry (Birch Path)
Gor'Tog District (SW of Outer Hib)
Byproducts of an Awaken Forest spell gone awry, these benign little constructs are encountered in most coniferous forests.
Damaryn pearlfaecommonfaedivineRatha
Aesry (Meadowlands)
Darkmist shadecommonundeaddemonicDarkmist MoorEthereal and sinuous, the swirling strands of the darkmist shade approximate a Human form, flickering with a distinct volatility.
Deep red dragon hatchlinguncommondraconicprimalWyvern Mountain
Drogorian temple moraycommonbeastunattunedAesry (Tethloren Island)Often cared for by the priests of Halasa Temple, these vivid orange-white eels are endemic to the waters of Cha'walkas.
Dust howlercommonconstructprimalMuspar'i
Gwenalion Fens
The byproduct of a careless craftsmage, the howler resembles a cross between a capuchin and a sandcastle. Steadily falling apart, the poorly designed creation seeks dust and debris to maintain its mass.
Electric kittencommonbeastprimalArnshal KeepChunky and dazzlingly blue, these nascent elementals are said to evolve into seordmaors as they gain power.
Elusive taffelberry welkinuncommonfaedivineArthe DaleThese plump black fae, with their reddish purple hands and face, are associated with bountiful taffelberry harvests. They also consume shocking quantities of the berries themselves.
Eyestalk glideruncommonextraplanardemonicTelga OreksA single large fleshy orb slung between wet, membranous wings, the glider stays aloft with gentle flaps and an attention to air currents, almost resembling a butterfly in flight. The eye bears several pupils of various morphologies, from dual slit to rectangular, each darting around chaotically.
Flame cockatriceuncommonbeastprimalMerk'resh
Fang Cove
Inner Hibarnhvidar
Flower spritecommonfaesylvanMistwood Forest (east of Rossman's Landing)
Fang Cove
Horse Clan
Aesry (Woodland Path)
Boar Clan
Gestalt draugen (ephemeron)uncommonundeadunattunedHimineldar Shel
The Black Spire
Inner Hibarnhvidar
Haloed lemicule idolcommonconstructdivineAesryThis was once a lumpy, soft green statuette for use in rituals to the Thirteen, now come alive with all the worship it has absorbed over the years.
Idopun pearlfaecommonfaeunattunedRatha
Aesry (Meadowlands)
Iridescent dragon hatchlinguncommondraconicdivineAesry
Jeweled mosaic effigycommonconstructpsychicAesry
After the Negotiants arrived with their contractual boon of magic, some Traders took to experimenting with animated crystals.
Lacustrine nyadcommonfaeprimalBeneath the Zaulfung (Murky Caverns)
Arthe Dale (Willow Pond)
possibly any water room
Taisgath (Cresent Cove)
Shard (Lake of Tears)
Living geodecommonextraplanarprimalInner Hibarnhvidar
Aesry Sea Caves
The Gash
Undergondola (Frostweaver's Den)
Stone Clan
Maeldryth (ephemeron)uncommonextraplanardemonicSoul of Maelshyve
Maelshyvean soulshardrareextraplanardemonicSoul of Maelshyve (The Pith)A mostly inert vestige, the soulshard nonetheless seethes with Maelshyve's essence and fury-filled memories.
Melted soulstone sluguncommonconstructdemonicThe AbyssThis defiled piece of soulstone pulsates and wriggles about, resembling nothing so much as an evil, particularly loathsome mollusk.
Murderous dolluncommonhumanoidpsychicSheltered Valley
Arthe Dale
Wyvern Mountain
Aesry (Meadowlands)
Asketi's Mount Summit
One of the creations of Hobglup the mad artisan, the doll's eyes are wide with wooden bloodthirst.
OmnimassrareextraplanardemonicBasalt IsleVile to behold, the omnimass defies description beyond a conglomeration of body parts melded together in disharmony. No part of this entity appears comfortable with the arrangement, and it awkwardly shuffles around, seemingly unable to agree upon a direction. Multiple eyes blink in confusion, a mouth with a large toe for a tongue grimaces around hairy teeth, and several long and twisted fingers drag the mass along as it whispers incoherently.
Pale grey death squirrel (ephemeron)commonundeadsylvanArthe Dale
Pallid ocular mistweaverrarehumanoidunattunedCorik's Wall (Lost Ground)Almost unheard of to be caught in their natural form, the shapeshifter has translucent skin and cascading white tresses, while the rest of their features are eerily indistinct.
Phasing ideogramlimitedextraplanardemonicSimuCon 2022 Additional Goodie Bag PurchaseWholly nondescript and devoid of detail, the ideogram floats idyllically in space. Forming and reforming its structure, it passes through phases of angular and circular configurations seemingly at random, only pausing momentarily to flex as if to commit the most recent shapes to memory. Small wisps of smoke whorl around its forms, enshrouding its perimeter and making any of its renditions impossible to capture in its entirety.
Rainbow unicornuncommonbeastdivineRatha (Temple of Hodierna)Unlike its silver, white, and black cousins, the rainbow unicorn is rather snide and tends to fly into explosive glitter-rages.
Retan dolomar nymphcommonbeastunattunedRatha (Pokekehekepi)Resembling a smaller dolomar, the nymph has multiple moltings to undergo before it will reach full size. Softer bodied and weaker than the adults, the juvenile skittishly avoids anything that could be perceived as a threat.
Rune-etched asketine idolcommonconstructdivineAesry
Astral Plane
Fang Cove
This was once a silver-flecked, dark grey statuette for use in rituals to the Thirteen, now come alive with all the worship it has absorbed over the years.
S'Kra Kor golem (ephemeron)limitedconstructprimalTaisidon IslandHeld together by braided strands of seaweed and vine, the golem is made of bone, wood, and seashells to give it the rough appearance of a S'Kra Kor warrior with a barbed tail.
Sacred peahencommonbeastdivineShard (outside west gate)
Gear Gate
Inner and Outer Hibarnhvidar
Sacred peafowls are beloved creations of Kerenhappuch. The red-gold markings on their tails, strikingly brilliant in both genders, are said to be the eyes of the goddess, letting Her sway the mortal souls who encounter these birds.
Saendalen shark (ephemeron)uncommonbeastprimalTaisidon IslandA fearsome predator of the Saendalen Sea, the shark possesses a voracious appetite and keen hunting instincts. Dangerous under the best of circumstances, they are even more aggressive when fresh blood is in the water and are drawn to its scent.
Servant of Five Fingers (ephemeron)uncommonundeaddemonicAesry (Necropolis)The Servant is the bloodless, severed hand of an unidentifiable species, lurching about on its fingertips.
Shadowy black dragon hatchlinguncommondraconicdivineCrossing
The Gash
Shh'oi paguur (ephemeron)uncommonbeastsylvanTaisidon IslandThe small monkey has large eyes ringed with white circles, giving it a constant look of surprise. Its prehensile tail is also ringed with white, and its paws, with their typically opposable thumbs, are reddish in color with white fingers. Found in the Taisidon jungles, the shh'oi paguur is infamous for its thieving ways and love of guavas.
Spark automatoncommonconstructprimalZengmodalethPerched atop a trio of electrical pseudopods, the small, cat-sized machination tends to stroll around in search of minor labors -- screws to be tightened, cores to be recharged, stuck joints to be greased -- simple and dutiful in its efforts.
Spectral hauntuncommonundeadpsychicThe MoradaShadowy and insubstantial, the haunt twists and shudders as if in excruciating pain. At times it takes on some solidity, but its vague form of a person shifts too constantly to identify the haunt's appearance.
Spectral snow-white horseuncommonbeastdivineHorse Clan
Gilen Otso Steppes
For centuries, the shamans of Horse Clan have cultivated a respectful relationship with the ilk of Sulde Taala, entwining them into the fabric of Wind Elf culture.
Spirit helpercommonextraplanardivineAdan'f
Sheltered Valley
Aesry (Meadowlands)
Star-nosed molecommonbeastunattunedAesry (Meadowlands)
Swirling motecommonextraplanarunattunedCorik's Wall (Lost Grounds)Writhing chaotically, the mote is little more than a flickering mass of distorted space, trailing quickly evaporating tendrils that appear to aid in its slow movement.
Sycamore dryadcommonfaesylvanForest of Night
Tenebraeling (ephemeron)commonextraplanarpsychicTaisgath
Terror birdcommonbeastunattunedSteelclaw Clan
Aesry (Meadowlands)
Fang Cove
Three-jawed ebon zaulwurmuncommonbeastdemonicZaulfung SwampWhen the wetlands to Riverhaven's east fell to the demon Maelshyve's grip, their fauna was irreversibly warped, including the earthworms.
Treasure goblinrarefaedivineTaisidon IslandCarrying a large treasure sack slung against its back, the skittish creature constantly looks back and forth in all directions, trying to keep vigilant and aware of its surroundings.
Two-headed addercommonbeastsylvanAsketi's MountThese animals are one of the many uncanny byproducts of the polluted waters flowing from Asketi's Mount.
Volcano spiritcommonextraplanarprimalNear Dirge (lava fields)
Basalt Isle
Vykathi larvacommonbeastunattunedVykathi HiveNot yet specialized into a specific role within the hive, the vykathi larva can do little more than slowly crawl, weave sticky sheets of tough silk, and voraciously eat.
World Dragon hatchlingraredraconicdivineMuspar'i (World Dragon Temple)
Zombie chickencommonundeadunattunedSteelclaw Clan Farmstead (Frostcrones)Matted in dirty feathers and blood, half its face and one wing are missing. Based on its movements and behavior, it appears as though the undead chicken likely has approximately the same level of intellect as its living counterpart.


  • The timer on EPHEMERON SENSE is 14 minutes, 30 seconds. The timer begins once you EPHEMERON CAPTURE an ephemera. If you sense an ephemera but do not capture it, you may continue to sense rooms until you locate an ephemera you'd like to capture.
  • You can only CAPTURE common ephemera at first. Unlocking subsequent tiers happens automatically as you capture more lesser ephemera.
Rarity Unlock at
X Captures
Common 0
Uncommon 10
Rare 25
Limited n/a
  • Limited ephemera are only available at specific events or as a specific reward, not via CAPTURE.
  • Ephemera are a collective imagining, and are not alterable.

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