Coralite-armored guardian cuttlefish

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coralite-armored guardian cuttlefish
Rarity: limited
Class: beast
Energy: psychic
Description: Drylanders were not the only ones fascinated by the momentous starfalls that marked Hollow Eve. Beneath the sea, a particular kind of cuttlefish was drawn to the glowing iron fragments and in turn changed by their cold power. The Merelew now consider these small but intelligent cephalopods to be valuable allies, trading with them and even entrusting them with the guarding of places of import.
Location(s): Andreshlew


Not found with EPHEMERON SENSE. You'll need to aid the Merelew, particularly the leviathan ecologist, then ASK about gift with enough faction standing. (You will be given a tiny ayabere cage containing the ephemera.)