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Flexing creatures change their skill based on their attacker or other nearby characters. Generally are found during quests and Microtransaction events, but some exist in the general areas available in the game.

Flex Mechanics

Creature flexing occurs in as close to real time as anything gets in DR.

  • It is not a one time flex, nor does it only flex when someone enters or leaves.
  • Every time it is attacked or every time it attacks, it adjusts its stats and skills based on the PC on the other end of the contest.

How exactly are flex numbers determined?
In particular, the flex mechanics do not care about your circle number. The primary driver of flex is the size of your highest weapon and defense skills, modified by appropriate stats. The mechanics averages your highest weapon (TM and Debil can count) and your highest defense (parry/evasion/shield, not armor) and uses that to estimate the creature's level and skills/stats. Stealth used to factor in, but was removed from the calculations.[1]

Additionally, Flex critters can be adjusted to degrees of flex, to be harder or easier.


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