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A microtransaction is a small one-time payment to purchase items or incremental upgrades for a game. This is an increasingly popular method used by game developers to help sustain the profitability of their products.

In DragonRealms, SimuCoins can be purchased and spent on upgrades to both characters and accounts. The cost is in addition to the subscription fee.

SimuCoins can be purchased at the DR online store.

Free to Play

On 3/10/2015 (5 Moliko 415), a free option became available to players creating new accounts.

Currently Available Items


Foremost, it has been said that account prices will not change due to this system, nor will any abilities be removed. It will be an optional way to add on to existing accounts, eventually letting players purchase selected perks previously only available with a Premium-level subscription or higher, and other benefits. It has also been mentioned that this will not impact the availability or quality of items available through special in-game events, such as auctions and quests.

On May 5, 2017, Simutronics announced a new reward program where subscribers would receive a monthly stipend of SimuCoins, which can be applied toward any item in the SimuCoins Store.

Microtransactions would not replace the Premium LTB system, but instead complement and parallel it.

For those who want a more in depth view of generic microtransactions and how they affect games, take a look at this YouTube video.

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