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Trader Commands

The TELL command is used by Traders to communicate with their caravans. The following variations are available:

  • TELL <pack animal/caravan> TO FOLLOW
  • TELL <pack animal/caravan> TO WAIT
  • TELL <caravan> TO LEAD TO <location> - see the list of current Trade Route
  • TELL <caravan> TO RETURN - returns you to the start of your Trade Route
  • TELL <pack animal/caravan> SPOOK - potential to drag you out of combat


The TELL command is used by Warrior Mages to command their familiar. The following variations are available:

  • Usage: TELL FAMILIAR TO . . .
  • GO <direction> or <object>
  • FIND <player>
  • DROP <object>
  • GET <object>
  • LOOK
  • SAY <message>
  • STAY
  • STOP
  • (plus some others)

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