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A berserking Barbarian is able to push through physical pain and increase his/her strength and stamina. The barbarian could literally die on his/her feet when the battle rage wears off.[1]

Berserks are the primary and most primal manifestation of a Barbarian's Inner Fire. By releasing the rage that lurks in their hearts, Barbarians are able to continue fighting long past where others would drop from exhaustion or wounds. But, like all things, it comes with a price.

Starting Berserks

Blood- 2nd circle, learnable from any guildleader. Boosts offensive combat. Stone- 5th circle, learnable from any guildleader. Boosts defensive combat.


  • According to GMs, many provide an amount of damage reduction, though no method to test the amount provided by each has been formulated.
  • Compared to Dances, Berserks provide a much smaller boost to a greater number of skills.


  • The first and most problematic of the penalties is that, when under the affects of a Berserk, the world becomes blurry behind a curtain of blood red, with only your enemies being important enough to note:
Your world is a crimson haze. Shapes and figures loom out of the bloody fog as you seek your next kill.
NOTE: There is a bug which allows you to look normally if you >look other I have bugged this many times, but they don't seem to have fixed it yet, not that I'm complaining.
  • The second penalty is that with the exception of Nightmare, Cyclone, and Grave, Berserks do not allow RETREATing or FLEEing.
  • Finally, although the various berserks provide a boost to one or several stats, they all decrease Intelligence and Wisdom for the duration, they do NOT decrease the rate of learning.

Ending Berserks

Feeling barely fazed by your mad rage, you glance around for another enemy to kill.

  • Best way to end it. You come out with 75% health and 75% fatigue.
  • Can happen 100% of the time if you've been in continuous combat during the berserk, and had full inner fire before entering.

Blood-red vision fades, along with your frenzied rage, leaving you gasping for breath.
You crumple from exhaustion!

  • Not a good way to end it. You come out with 75% health and 50% fatigue. At least you aren't stunnned!
  • Most often happens after starting a simpler berserk with near empty fire.

The crazed strength that has been sustaining you suddenly wavers, leaving you feeling drained and weak.
You collapse from fatigue!

  • A bad way to end it. You come out at 75% health and 25% fatigue, often accompanied with a stun lasting less than a minute.
  • Tends to happen when you don't let your inner fire recover before entering a more advanced berserk.

You feel the frothing rage subside, and as if stepping out of a crimson fog, the world around you emerges with vivid clarity.
You collapse from fatigue!

  • Apart from dying, this is the worst way to end it. You come out completely exhausted and with a nasty stun lasting a couple minutes or more.
  • Often happens when stacking multiple berserks.

List of Berserks

Berserk Name Circle Required Able to Retreat? Stackable?
Berserk Blood 2nd No Yes
Berserk Stone 5th No Yes
Berserk Nightmare 12th Yes Yes
Berserk Flame 20th No No
Berserk Cyclone 35th Yes Yes
Berserk Steel 50th No unknown
Berserk Grave 70th Yes unknown
Berserk Kuniyo 100th No unknown
Berserk Everild 120th No unknown
Berserk Trothfang 150th No unknown

Additional Notes

At 80th circle, if you have enough Inner Fire, you are able to berserk out of a battle dance. At 180th it has been proposed that it will be possible to Berserk AND Dance at the same time.

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