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  • FLEE is a command that allows one to escape combat and move to an adjacent room (or if no adjacent room is available then back out of combat).


  • FLEE <self>: You ponder what dreadful fate may await you. Your body quivers as if your doom was approaching.
<Person>'s body quivers as if <his/her> doom was approaching.
  • FLEE <object>: Keep running! The <object> is keeping up with you!
<Person> tugs at <his/her> <object> as if it were possessed.
  • In combat,
    • FLEE by itself will choose a random cardinal direction.
    • FLEE <anything nonexistent> will flee you back out of combat but stay in the same room. This is a good way to train escaping while fighting.

Main usage

  • Flee trains the Athletics skill as of DR3.0.
  • Flee works 100% of the time unless during the flee attempt the fleeing character becomes incapacitated.
  • How long it takes to escape is a challenge of the player character's Athletics skill versus the weapon skill of the opponent. (Previously Escaping.)
  • Barbarians and Paladins take a trivial hit to Inner Fire or Soul if they flee.

Additional usage

Flee messaging is unique for each guild and additional, often comical, messages can be achieved by using FLEE <OBJECT>, including fleeing other players, fleeing items in your hand or inventory, items on the ground, and more.

Posts about flee

GameMaster Ssra 1/1/2007

The FLEE verb is now live in Plat.

The flee verb will allow a player to disengage and clear themselves from combat by exiting through an obvious path, portal, or direction. In some cases, where a path is not obvious or the room has special contests to see if you can leave (swimming for example) you will not leave the room but it will clear you from engagement to afford you the chance to exit as you normally would.

The ability contests and teaches escaping vs. attacker weapon skill. Success is automatic unless you find yourself incapacitated in anyway during the attempt to flee. Your escaping skill works to reduce the timer on flee thus increasing your odds of success. Therefore, any ability that bonuses escaping skill or adds a positive engagement modifier to your character will enhance your ability to flee.

Barbarians and Paladins will take a somewhat trivial hit to inner fire or soul if they flee.

Thieves who have sufficient escaping skill may find they have a special ability they can utilize.

Also, there are a number of silly messages for role-play purposes.

GameMaster Ssra 1/1/2007

Flee is now live in Prime.

GameMaster Ssra 1/1/2007

First round of tweaking focuses on lower level characters and those who have high escaping skill compared to what they're hunting.

1. Increased the soft cap. Creatures with less attack skill than your escape skill will teach a bit higher now.

2. Factored into the equation the creature's agility. This will work to bump up their difficulty rating.

3. Modified the EXP timer.

GameMaster Ssra 1/2/2007

Increased the minimum escaping reward per creature if you're not into the soft cap. This means those with low escaping, in comparison to what they're fleeing from, should learn a bit better.

It's still much more efficient to flee from a creature that's within your escaping skill range.

Further updates to the ability will be posted in the Combat -> Tactics folder.

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