Berserk Grave

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Berserk Grave
Slot Cost:
Difficulty: Unknown
Type / Skill: berserk /
Contest: /

Berserk Grave Benefits - Strength boost, reflex boost, agility boost, stamina boost, vitality boost when making the killing blow on a creature, active inner fire recovery when making the killing blow on a creature (doesn't matter if the creature will teach you or not), intimidation boost, intimidation resistance boost, multiple opponent skill boost, is retreatable. Penalties - Crimson haze when LOOKing, decreases intelligence (up to -10), decreases wisdom (up to -10). Circle - 70th circle Location - Charak on Pokehekepi Beach Initiation messaging - Your rage erupts inside you with the heat of an inferno, setting your mind ablaze with visions of death and destruction. Every fiber of your being screams out for wanton savagery and the gentle fall of blood-drops. Third Person POV - Veins standing out in stark relief, Phii lets loose an animalistic howl of fury and leaps forward!