Berserk Blood

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Berserk Blood
Slot Cost:
Difficulty: Unknown
Type / Skill: berserk /
Use Cost: -
Contest: /
Description: Berserk Blood is the first berserk a barbarian learns. It is offensive in nature, providing a small damage increase at an early level.
Effect: Increase Strength (stat)
Decrease Intelligence (stat)
Decrease Wisdom (stat)
Increase Balance
Increase Offense
Increase Multi Opponent skill
Messaging: You see:

You sense the rage within you well up and explode in a violent whirlwind of dangerous power. The world dissolves in blood-red shadow, and your heart pounds madly within your chest, igniting bone, sinew, and muscle with savage strength!

Others see:

<Player> explodes in a violent whirlwind of dangerous power, (his/her) bloodshot eyes gleaming with an insatiable lust for battle!