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Ayalen Jora'eluris
Status Active
Race Elf
Gender Female
Guild Cleric
Instance Prime

Ayalen Jora'eluris is an Elven Cleric and citizen of Ilithi.


Ayalen has a heart-shaped face, pointed ears, and deep-set blue-grey eyes. Her ash-blonde hair is long and wavy, and is worn arranged in an intricate Elven braid. She has fair skin and a lithe figure.
She is a bit over average height for an Elf.
She appears to be young.

She is wearing a grey nightsilk hooded cloak lined with bright firesilk, an anloral shrike pin, a sana'ati pilgrim's badge varnished to a dusky sheen, a spidersilk tote depicting an artistic rendering of the provinces, a segmented leather weapon harness studded with cambrinth-inlaid steel scales, an unadorned wide-sleeved robe of flowing blue nightsilk, an amber ring inset with the shrike of Dergati, a wide leather belt decorated with engraved cambrinth plates, and a pair of dark grey leather boots lined with bright firesilk.


  • She serves the dark goddess Dergati, though Ayalen herself is neither particularly "dark" nor "evil" in nature.
  • In place of material payment for her services, she often requests a favor of equal value, usually to be repaid at a later date.
  • Her family name, Jora'eluris, can be translated as "friend of the snow-born" in the Common tongue.
  • For various reasons, she tends to be wary of healers and often masks her deeply-rooted bias with extreme courtesy.
  • She currently resides in Shard, where she spends much of her time meditating in the Temple of Darkness.


Ayalen was born mid-Winter of the year 379AV to the Jora'eluris family of the Snow Elf Clan. She remained with her people until the Summer of 399AV, when her family received an unexpected visit from an Elothean missionary. Upon her arrival in Riverhaven some weeks later, she was initiated by the Cleric Guildmistress Jelna Sarik. She has since become a resident of Shard and now studies under the tutelage of Guildmistress Sothavi Morawa.


RP Profile:

  • Roleplay Stance: Heavy
  • PvP Stance: Open

Roleplay is always welcome.

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Portrait drawn by the player.

Ayalen portrait.jpg