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This command displays the DragonRealms Rules of Conduct. The in-game list, supplemented by policy announcements in NEWS 5, is the most current policy document.

[You can type POLICY [TERM] to search for specific items in the policy, and POLICY # to view a specific item.]


This file contains the policies under which users may participate in DragonRealms. The goal of these policies is to provide an enjoyable experience for the majority of the users. Because DragonRealms is a multiplayer game, there can sometimes be a conflict between an individual player's idea of entertainment and that of the majority of the players as a whole. In such situations, the majority will be given the greatest weight. Please read these policies carefully so you understand the rules under which you can play DragonRealms and interact with the other players.


DragonRealms is presented on an AS-IS basis. Usage of the DragonRealms product indicates acceptance of this, and any risk that may imply.

Simutronics is not obligated to credit any user (with experience, renown, coins, inventory, or otherwise), if his/her usage is interrupted by a software failure or other service interrupt. Simutronics' sole obligation is to make a reasonable effort to fix a software problem or to return service as quickly as possible (except in cases where the service interrupt is not related to the DragonRealms product itself).

Policy Documents

In the links below you can find information about each section of DragonRealms' policy.

3. Miscellaneous

4. Abusive or Disruptive Behavior

5. Bug Abuse

6. Character Names

7. Character Purges

8. Delays or Slowdowns

9. Game Mechanics

10. GameMasters

11. Player vs Player Conflict

12. Privacy

13. Quests and Special Events

14. Repair or Replacement of Items

15. Score Lists

16. Scripting Policy

17. Solicitations

18. Transferring Characters

19. Unique Items

20. Violations of Policy