Aura of Tongues (2.0)

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Bard thumb.jpgBard Guild
Aura of Tongues
Abbreviation: AURA
Prerequisites: Faenella's Grace
Minimum Prep: 8
Casting Cap: 63
Performance Type: Chanted, Strings
Description: Aura of Tongues is a boon to any traveling Bard, particularly those that reach foreign regions where the ability to understand other languages is a necessity. This enchante endows upon you the ability to understand, but not speak, any simple racial language uttered around you. Spoken, chanted, sung, it all becomes clear to you so long as you sustain this enchante, though you yourself will not be able to speak in that language in kind.

This enchante can also be performed at a near whisper, allowing multiple Bards to generate their own Aura of Tongues even while in close proximity.

Example Messaging: Intro: You begin to chant to yourself the lyrical, seemingly nonsense phrases that you were taught for the introduction of the "Aura of Tongues" enchante. Amazingly, you feel the pattern of your enchante begin to take hold with a stern elasticity, heightening your senses even as the flow of normally unintelligible syllables resolve themselves into sensible speech.

Verse: You relax into the gentle rhythms of your performance as the streaming syllables of "Aura of Tongues" continue to flow around you, soothing your ears even as it heightens your awareness of the speech around you.

Chorus: As you feel the power of your enchante swell, you launch yourself into the chorus. Surprisingly, as you chant you realize that the Shadowling-like words do in fact resolve themselves to words in the Common tongue...

Enchante Structure: Intro/Verse/Chorus/Refrain/Verse/Chorus/Refrain/Verse/Chorus/Refrain/Outro
Prep Time: 10 seconds
Pulse Timing: Intro: 1 pulse of 12 seconds.

Verse: 8 pulses of 16 seconds. Chorus: 2 pulses of 16 seconds. Refrain: 2 pulses of 16 seconds.

Enchante Duration: 9 minutes and 48 seconds.


  • Lets you and your group understand other languages.
  • At low levels of mana it is only a self effect.
    • Increasing the mana unlocks additional languages.
    • At 33 mana, the enchante will expand to encompass your group unlocking all languages for them.
  • The order in which languages are added to your list is based on your race.
Bard's Race 8 10 13 15 18 20 23 25 28
Elf Toggish Olvi Gamgweth Rakash Haakish Gorbesh Prydaen S'Kra Mur Gerenshuge
Elothean Toggish Olvi Gamgweth Rakash Ilithic Haakish Gorbesh Prydaen S'Kra Mur
Kaldar Toggish Olvi Gamgweth Rakash Ilithic Haakish Prydaen S'Kra Mur Gerenshuge
S'kra Mur
  • Messaging varies significantly depending on whether you chant or play the enchante.
    • Chanting gives more verbose messaging, making it more obvious you are chanting this enchante.
    • Playing on an instrument messages very similarly to playing a mundane song. In addition, there are no overt tells that an enchante is even being played at all. This allows a modicum of secrecy, unless the subject you are eavesdropping on is aware of the slight difference.
  • LOUD/QUIET does not appear to have an effect.
  • There does not seem to be any practical effect for playing with 34 to 63 mana, except perhaps experience.