Dark Burrows

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Found in the Vela'Tohr Woods, this is the home of Blight Ogres and Blight Bats during the daytime.

[Vela'Tohr Woods, Dark Burrows]
Wedged into the corners of the room, crude wooden bins hold withered carrots and moldy onions, wrinkled potatoes oozing reddish-brown liquid, and weevil-filled bags of coarsely ground flour. Animal carcasses are slung from rusty hooks embedded in the ceiling. The floor is sticky underfoot, though it's hard to tell in the dim light whether spilled food or blood is the cause. Low benches surround a long granite block that serves as a table. Some sort of brownish crust speckles the top of the rough stone.
Obvious exits: west.

In the crude wooden bins
Item Price Done
some withered yellow carrots 0   
some moldy onions 0