Armiger's Mansion

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Armiger's Mansion
Province Therengia
Justice Unknown
Town Riverhaven
Map Ranik's Map 30
Owner Thramis
# of Rooms 11
Store Type Gem shops, Food shops, Drink shops
This store only accepts Lirums

Location & Information

Armiger's Mansion is the Estate Holder club in Riverhaven. It is located through the gate found W, SW, SE from the Riverhaven north gate.

Located within the building are a gem seller, a bank with transfer and debt payment options, bank and vault books & free refreshments.

Mansion Gate

[Riverhaven, Mansion Gate]
A tall wrought-iron gate stands between walls of crystal-flecked granite. Beyond rises a slate-roofed manse of some size, dominated by a single turret that sprouts from the gabled roof.
Obvious paths: southeast.

Armiger's Mansion Grounds

[Riverhaven, Armiger's Mansion Grounds]
Dark green hedges, sculpted into geometric patterns with loving care, guide the eye along a pathway of brightly colored crushed stone that runs from the stately mansion and the equally stately gate.
You also see some porch stairs.
Obvious paths: northwest.

Armiger's Mansion Porch

[Riverhaven, Armiger's Mansion Porch]
Overhanging eaves provide a cool shade along the front of the manor. A nearby lounge swing, set with soft velvet cushions, invites one to sit and enjoy the rich green gardens. A pair of ornately carved ironwood doors flanked by stained-glass windows lead into the house proper.
You also see some stairs.
Obvious exits: none.


[Armiger's Mansion, Foyer]
Hexagonal tiles set in bands of alternating gold and azure form the floor in this elegantly decorated foyer. To one side is the comfortable lounge, with food and drink. A sun parlor matches it on the opposite side of the hall. A large hall tree holds the cloaks and other garments of visiting members.
You also see an oak table with a green and gold brocade sack on it, a bank book rack with a leather bank book on it and the outer doors.
Obvious exits: north, east, south.

On the oak table
Item Price Done
green and gold brocade sack - contains a vault book with a tooled leather cover 0   No
On the bank book rack
Item Price Done
leather bank book 0   

Members' Lounge

[Armiger's Mansion, Members' Lounge]
Flamewood panels cover the lower half of the walls in this delightfully decadent lounge. Above a gilded chair rail, the upper walls are hung with heavy tapestries interset with heroic paintings. Numerous low tables and soft settees and chairs abound in cozy groups for conversation or just plain relaxation. An elaborate sideboard holds a cornucopia of refreshments. Tall floor to ceiling windows look out onto a side garden where a fountain dances, silver drops of water sparkling as they fall.
You also see a pair of doors, set with panes of glass, leading into the garden and a comfy sofa.
Obvious exits: south.

On the elaborate sideboard
Item Price Done
soft gingerbread Gor'Tog 0   
chewy gingerbread Elothean 0   
crumbly gingerbread trader 0   
candied boar snout 0   
boiled sweet 0   
pale scale ale 0   
sticky bun 0   
Imperial brandy 0   
dram of fermented whey 0   
bite-size cheese tidbits 0   
fresh goat milk 0   
roast pork sandwich 0   
chocolate truffles 0   
pot of sweet-berry fizz 0   
fried lizard 0   
Riverhaven salt taffy 0   
dark Togger ale 0   
Half-Pint lager 0   

Garden of Fountains

[Armiger's Mansion, Garden of Fountains]
Tucked between the high outer wall and the sturdy shoulder of the manse, this tiny garden somehow seems much larger than it really is. A central fountain rises from mounds of deep green foliage covered with tiny star-shaped flowers of a silver-white hue. A narrow path of crushed alabaster disappears into a compact, tree-shrouded glen.
You also see a pair of glass-paned doors that lead into the Members' Lounge.
Obvious paths: none.

Garden Bower

[Armiger's Mansion, Garden Bower]
Miniature lunat trees form a quiet bower removed from the garden nearby. The soft music of a fountain sweetens the grove as if butterflies had been given the gift of song. A mossy hummock rises like a bench in the center. The air is rich with the earthy smell of turf mingled with the soft scent of the many flowers growing all about.
You also see a narrow path of crushed stone leading to a small fountain in a garden.
Obvious paths: none.

Sun Parlor

[Armiger's Mansion, Sun Parlor]
Enclosed on three sides in crystalline glass, the room seems to merge into the gardens outside. Potted plants and cunningly pruned flowering vines cover the walls and most surfaces. Wicker furniture set with floral-patterned cushions ranges about the room, no one piece blocking the relaxing view, giving the illusion that each grouping is in a private bower.
You also see a padded ottoman and a flowery chair.
Obvious exits: north.

Teller Windows (bank)

[Armiger's Mansion, Teller Windows]
Deep emerald green floor tiles, gleaming oak walls and polished railings glow under the light of a dozen shaded oil lamps. Patient clerks, standing behind the brass bars of the teller windows, murmur quietly to bank patrons, each word accentuated by the quiet clink of coins being tallied for deposit or withdrawal. A pair of grim-faced guards flank the entrance, watching both clerks and customers with the same alert gaze, their presence giving palpable notice that naught will happen on their watch.
You also see a small calendar and a neatly lettered sign.
Obvious exits: south, west.

~|~ Bank of Riverhaven - Local Branch ~|~

This bank only accepts Lirums for deposit.  You may:
  DEPOSIT [amount] [denomination] LIRUMS
  WITHDRAW [amount] [denomination] LIRUMS

See the moneychanger about exchanging between different currencies.

Foreign Exchange

[Armiger's Mansion, Foreign Exchange]
In contrast to the serene atmosphere of the outer teller area, the foreign exchange fairly thrums with the energy of motion and magic. An iron-banded door set into the rear of the building bursts open at regular intervals, admitting dark-robed moon mages accompanied by sweating porters grunting under the weight of padlocked boxes. Apprentices unpack stacks of exotic coinage under the watchful eyes of senior clerks, filling racks that are quickly conveyed to frantically gesturing tellers.
You also see a sign and a small niche.
Obvious exits: north.

You may check your balance and withdraw funds from all your bank accounts here.  All funds will be delivered in the denomination that the designated bank transacts in.  For withdrawals, a five percent fee will be deducted in order to pay for the services of the bonded moon mages who travel to the banks.

You may also exchange denominations here, for a three percent fee.

To designate which bank you wish to withdraw from or check your balance in, please refer to the numeric listings below:
        Crossing:   1
           Dirge:   2
     Leth Deriel:   3
      Riverhaven:   4
   Therenborough:   5
           Shard:   6
Chyolvea Tayeu'a:   7
           Ratha:   8
       Surlaenis:   9
       Mer'Kresh:  10
       Hara'jaal:  11
        Muspar'i:  12
    Hibarnhvidar:  13
     Throne City:  14
       Fang Cove:  15

To withdraw, please phrase it in the following format:
Withdraw <number of coins> <coin type> from <bank number above>
  e.g.  Withdraw 4 gold from 3
You must withdraw at least 1000 coppers worth of the denomination type.

To check your balance, please phrase it BALANCE <bank number>.
 e.g. BALANCE 4 (to receive your balance in Riverhaven.)

---------------PREMIUM DEBT COLLECTION SERVICES---------------
 For our esteemed Estate Holders, we are pleased to offer a 
 new service where we will pay your debts in distant lands! 
 There is a 5% fee on the debt you wish to pay in order to 
 use this service, with a minimum fee of a silver.  Please 
 understand that all costs are in the currency of the area 
 whose debt you wish to pay off.

 Adding CHECK will tell you what it will cost including our
 fee but will not pay the debt.


[Armiger's Mansion, Gemseller]
Set off the floor of the Foreign Exchange, this small niche is home to gemsmith Thramis Marflet. Several brightly burning wax pillars illuminate the oak counter where the gemseller's tools of the trade sit. Dotting the gleaming countertop, piles of loose gemstones refract the candlelight onto the walls in a glimmering pastel light show.
You also see the Foreign Exchange.
Obvious exits: none.

  • A regular style gem pouch can be acquired for free.


Thramis is sharply dressed in a finely tailored suit with a well-pressed silk cravat dominating the front. His stance is that of someone who has avoided hard labor and he holds his head slightly cocked. His complexion is sallow from the long hours he spends admiring his gem collection in the softly lit niche.
Thramis says, "If you'd like something to hold your gems, ask for a gem pouch.
- Specifying 'gem' will make 'gem' the adjective reference word. Otherwise it will use the color.

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