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A bowl, usually stone, which items are crushed against, using a pestle. The maximum volume a mortar can hold can also determine the volume of your finished remedy, with a larger max volume allowing for a larger finished product.


 QualityQuality #SpeedSpeed #DurabilityDurability #RarityMax Volume
Adan'f skull mortarwell-crafted7very ineffective4appreciably susceptible7festival60
Alabaster mortar engraved with ivy around the outsidemasterfully-crafted12rather effective7marginally vulnerable8festival
Ball-footed mortarwell-crafted7very ineffective4appreciably susceptible760
Black clay mortar sculpted as a badger coiled nose-to-tailexceptional10not very effective5average construction9common60
Black glass mortarwell-crafted7very ineffective4appreciably susceptible7festival60
Black glass mortar etched with jagged flamesexceptional10not very effective5average construction9festival60
Black glass mortar etched with taffelberry branchesmasterfully-crafted12not very effective5rather reinforced11festival60
Black granite mortar carved to resemble a wolf's pawexceptional10not very effective5average construction9festival60
Black marble mortar engraved with coiling vipersexceptional10not very effective5average construction9common60
Black marble mortar painted with a shimmering silver webincidental
Black marble mortar speckled with tiny silver veinsmasterfully-crafted12rather effective7marginally vulnerable8incidental60
Black marble mortar with birds carved about the rimexceptional10not very effective5average construction9festival60
Black-dyed mortar painted with the image of a dragon clutching a fire opalexceptional10not very effective5average construction9common60
Black-glittered mica clay mortarexceptional10not very effective5average construction9common60
Bleached bone mortarwell-crafted7very ineffective4average construction9common60
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