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Spell Library
Province Therengia
Justice Unknown
Town Throne City
Map Ranik's Map 35
Owner Fleintoore
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Magic shops
This store only accepts Lirums
-The Library is Closed at Night!-

[Maginius Kaentao Maous, Spell Library]
Tall, elegant columns carved like intermingled two-headed serpents rise to the ceiling, which itself is a dizzying distance above. Circular shelves contain thousands upon thousands of books, most of which are off-limits to the casual browser. Scribes constantly scurry here and there, cataloging and arranging the contents. Near the entrance is a red velvet partition, where those visitors interested in viewing books up close have to register. You also see the Archmagus Fleintoore, and an elegant rosewood sign. Obvious exits: northwest, out.

   --== Maginius Kaentao Maous:  Exclusive Spell Services ==--

We offer two special services for magicians of all types:

 * Spell Erasure -- we can retrain you to forget spells you no longer
                    desire.  The price of this service is subject to
                    variable fees, please discuss your options with
                    our staff.
 * Exclusive Library -- for a mere two(2) platinum, we will allow
                    you access to our library for one hour's time.
                    Our library contains volumes you will not find
                    anywhere else in Elanthia.

Services of Archmagus Fleintoore

"Very well, Grasshopper." says Fleintoore. "We offer an exquisite array of services unique to Throne City that you will not find anywhere else in Elanthia. There's far too much detail to even briefly review, so ask me about ERASING or the LIBRARY, and I'll be happy to explain more on any subject. Bear in mind that these services are not cheap and may require a considerable amount of money to acquire." Fleintoore grows quiet, patiently awaiting you to make a choice.

Spell Erasing


Fleintoore nods and says, "Spell erasure is unique process in which our scribes help you forget the knowledge of spells you may no longer wish to keep. For practical purposes, you may not erase a spell that is a prerequisite for other spells you already know -- for example, you may not erase Lightning Bolt if you know Chain Lightning. The fee for this service is partially subsidized by the guilds and is variable based on a number of factors. You'll no doubt be happy to know that we donate five percent of all sales of this service to the continued restoration and beautification of historic Throne City. If you decide on a spell you wish to forget, we'll sit down together and calculate the fee."
[To purchase this service, type CHOOSE <spellname>. You will lose that spell from your spellbook but will regain the spell slot.]


As of June 7, 2015 costs have been re-enabled for forgetting spells. The price is calculated from the last time you forget a spell. This system uses real life days. It is only possible to forget 1 spell at a time.

Time Elapsed Cost
0-30 days N/A (Not possible.)
31-159 days ~2 platinum Lirums
160+ days No cost.

Exclusive Library


Fleintoore glances toward the other room. "We have one of the most extensive libraries known in all of Elanthia. In addition to having copies of books you may find elsewhere, we have several volumes that we at Maginius Kaentao Maous alone possess. These are extremely rare volumes and we do not allow just anyone to read them, so we must ask a fee of two platinum lirums to enter our library for two anlaen."
[To purchase this service, type CHOOSE LIBRARY. You will be charged two(2) platinum lirums for two anlaen (or ONE HOUR of real time). There is no TDP cost for this service. ASK FLEINTOORE ABOUT BOOKS to get a list of books available in the library at this time.]

See Exclusive Library for the books available here.

Services of Crimson-Robed Mage

Alternate spell preparations can be purchased from a crimson-robed mage located in the Rare Books Room of the Exclusive Library. These preparations require their related Magical feats of Alternative Spell Preparation and/or Silent Spell Preparation.

Alternate Spell Preparations

Special Note Concerning Availability
The mage only visits at certain times of the day and his arrival and departure can be seen when standing in front of Fleintoore. The mage is known to be available for a short time in the early morning and again in the mid-afternoon until late afternoon.
Arrival messaging: A crimson-robed mage arrives, makes a brief exchange with the Archmagus Fleintoore, then heads northwest.
Departure messaging: A crimson-robed mage arrives, gives the Archmagus Fleintoore a polite nod, then heads outside.

Available Preparations

Once inside the library, GO through the DOOR to find him and ASK MAGE ABOUT PREPARING. Once you have one picked out, ORDER

  1. FROM MAGE to start the purchase.
Special Notes on Costs
  • The cost varies based on your guild relative to the preparation. If the preparation is associated with your guild, your cost will be 10 platinum Lirums, otherwise the cost is 50 platinum Lirums.
  • Necromancer preparations are always full price and cannot be learned by Clerics or Paladins.

Spell Prep Type Messaging Related Guild Guild Price (Lirums) Non-Guild Price (Lirums)
Alternate "Icy blue frost crackles up your arms with the ferocity of a blizzard as you begin to prepare the [spellname] spell!" Warrior Mage 100,000 500,000
Alternate "Heatless orange flames blaze between your fingertips as you prepare the [spellname] spell." Warrior Mage 100,000 500,000
Alternate "Tiny tendrils of lightning jolt between your hands as you prepare the [spellname] spell." Warrior Mage 100,000 500,000
Alternate "A hazy mist swirls up your arms like undulating waves as you prepare the [spellname] spell." Warrior Mage 100,000 500,000
Alternate "Your eyes darken to black as a starless night as you prepare the [spellname] spell." Moon Mage 100,000 500,000
Silent "Turning your focus solemnly inward, you allow the configuration of the [spellname] spell to spread across your skin as a shadowy design of fractals and geometric abstractions." Moon Mage 100,000 500,000
Alternate "The wailing of lost souls accompanies your preparations of the [spellname] spell." Cleric 100,000 500,000
Silent "You produce an illusory coin and begin rolling it across your knuckles, focusing on the pattern for the [spellname] spell." Bard 100,000 500,000
Alternate "Drawing yourself up to your full height, you recite the words of the [spellname] spell in an imperious, commanding tone." Bard 100,000 500,000
Alternate "With a mnemonic tune in your mind, you trace out the symbols of the [spellname] spell." Bard 100,000 500,000
Alternate "Your skin briefly withers and tightens, becoming gaunt as the energies of the [spellname] spell begin to build up through your body." Necromancer 500,000 500,000


Getting here is a little complicated.

Option 1: Get a Moon Mage.

  • Ask a moon mage to open the Theren-TC turtle for you. If they don't know how, suggest that they ask their guildmates.
  • Step through the moongate.
  • south, out, south
  • goto Integrated Directions

Option 2: Take the barge.

  • In the Riverhaven shipyard, at the far south, you have a barge that costs 120 copper Lirums (Take 240 for the round trip) Take it.
  • Upon docking, south, southeast (invisible exit), southeast, climb slope, go gate, south, southwest.
  • goto Integrated Directions

Integrated Directions: Throne City.

  • up, north, northwest, west, west, go alley, northeast, go building.

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