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This item was introduced during the 410 Hollow Eve festival (2013).

This material must be provided for alterations.

Physical Properties

Per GM Persida: Traditionally woven at monasteries dedicated to Hav'roth, this sinuous fabric blends silk with pliant fibers harvested from a type of marsh reeds colloquially known as "snake grass" due to their distinctive scaly outer layer. The resultant fabric has a subtle ridged appearance while remaining smooth to the touch and lends itself well to garments relying on intricate draping. Does not stiffen well or hold pleats/creases.


ItemSource isRare item
Argent scalene gown showcasing a slim skirt cut with a daring fringe effectNatural Beauty (1)true
Backless orchid scalene gown with an empire waist and a pooling court trainNatural Beauty (1)true
Caramel-colored scalene bandeauFashionable Panda (1)true
Deep blue scalene houppelande with flowing bell sleevesDamsel In This Dress (2)true
Delicate tunic of ivory marquisette with a rich brown scalene hemFashionable Panda (1)true
Desert-hued scalene gamantangSnake Pittrue
Dress of silvery moonsilk softly draping atop a pale scalene sheathNatural Beauty (1)true
Ebony scalene waistcoat with oravir buttonsFiner Things (3)Finer Things (4)true
Fitted military style shirt of virid scalene supporting green gold epaulettesNatural Beauty (2)true
Flowing black scalene gown with a baroque goldweave corseted topDamsel In This Dress (2)true
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