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{{Map infobox
|description=Dense Copse + Temple
|province=  Zoluren
|creatures=*[[Crazed Madman]]
*[[Lesser Skeleton]]
*[[Slimy Pseudopod]]
*[[Corpse Grub]]
*[[Scavenger Troll]]
Map13 is in the [[FILL ME IN]] province.<br/>
It has 0 shops: [[example shop]], [[example shop 2]]<br/>
It has the following critters: [[Crazed Madmen]], [[Ghouls]], [[Lesser Skeletons]], [[Slimy Pseudopods]], [[Corpse Grubs]], [[Scavenger Trolls]]<br/>
Notable People:  <br/>
Landmarks worthy of their own entry:
Other Notes:
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Dense Copse + Temple
Zoluren Province
Notable People:
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