Scorched Earth

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Scorched Earth
Province Zoluren
Justice Unknown
Town Dirge
Map Ranik's Map 13
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Housing shops
This store only accepts Kronars

[Scorched Earth]
A series of crude firepits, dilapidated braziers and cracked kilns line the walls of this dimly lit tent. Lumpy piles of grey ash serve as a floor, though whether they originate from the nearby volcano or scrapings from the dingy merchandise is anyone's guess. You also see a soot-covered Dwarf.

Scorched Earth
Item Price Done
1. Rust-covered steel stove 24,000   No
2. Cracked stone fireplace 40,000   No
3. Soot-covered mud brick kiln 53,333   No
4. Sooty brass brazier 26,666   No