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Description: A property for listing spell abbreviations.
Type: string

There are currently 379 items in this property, 35 of which are incomplete, and 0 of which are outdated.

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Mind Shout +MS  +
Minor Physical Protection +mpp  +
Misdirection +mis  +
Moonblade +none  +
Moongate +mg  +
Murrula's Flames +mf  +


Naming of Tears +name  +
Narmor Feas +choose  +
Naronas Kerwaith +entry  +
Necrotic Reconstruction +NR  +
Nissa's Binding +nb  +
Nonchalance +NON  +
Noumena +nou  +


Oath of the Firstborn +oath  +
Obfuscation +none  +
Oshu Sarhhtha +dance  +
Osrel Meraud +om  +


Paeldryth's Wrath +pw  +
Paralysis +paralysis  +
Partial Displacement +pd  +
Pathway of Defense +defend  +
Pathway of Precision +precise  +
Pathway of Quickness +quick  +
Pattern Hues +c p h  +
Perseverance of Peri'el +pop  +
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