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After opening a diagnostic link to another character, an Empath can temporarily add a portion of that person's knowledge to their own via the LINK ability.

Learning how to link

You can learn how to Link in one of two ways, depending on which game instance you are playing.

Via PC Empath (available in all instances)

  1. Empath extends a link to you
  2. You accept the link

Via Nadigo (Platinum and The Fallen only)

  1. Find Nadigo (Found near Boar Clan in Vela'Tohr Edge, Secluded Grove)
  2. Ask Nadigo about link (follow his instructions)

Establishing the link

The steps of forming a link are:

  1. TOUCH <person> to establish the necessary diagnostic connection.
  2. LINK <person> <skill> to initiate the link itself.
  3. The other person then has to accept the link, by entering LINK <empath>

If successful, the initiating Empath will gain a boost in the chosen skill. Maintaining the link will cost the initiating Empath in fatigue and concentration, and if either drops too low, the link will end. But otherwise the link will continue indefinitely. Both parties must also stay in the same room for the link to remain active.

As the initiator, you can hold multiple links at once, even multiple links in the same skill. But you can only be the target of one link. The strength of a link is random, but will always be positive. It is commonly believed that the length of Roundtime you receive when activating the link is an indication of the strength of the skill boost. The link will also pass along a tiny bit of experience to the initiator of the link.


An Empath can initiate a LINK to another player to temporarily share some of the knowledge that player has in a skill.

  • LINK options for Empaths:
    • LINK <target's name> <skill> - Issues a request to link
    • LINK CHECK - Checks to see what links are in place
  • LINK options for non-Empaths:
    • LINK <Empath's name> - Accepts a request to link
    • LINK <Empath's name> REFUSE - Refuses a request to link
    • LINK CANCEL - Breaks a link
  • LINK options for all:
    • LINK <name> CANCEL - Breaks a link with a specific person
    • LINK ALL CANCEL - Breaks all links

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