Hand of Hodierna

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Empath thumb.jpgEmpathGuild
Hand of Hodierna
Requirements: 440 Empathy, 80th
Difficulty: None
Type / Skill: healing / empathy
Description: Salvur rolls his eyes. He grumbles, "Do you think the name could be any more twee? Who comes up with this stuff, anyway? I should leave you to figure out what it does from the name alone. It'd serve you right." Salvur compresses his lips into a thin line, then continues, "Fine, fine. It's a healing ability. There. All you need to know. What? What?? Not satisfied? Fine. It's a slow, somewhat uncontrolled healing ability that Empaths can establish with more than one patient. The bad just seeeeps through the link. The Empath establishes a persistent link and then just...faugh. It's hard to explain."

Salvur tilts his head back, peering down his nose at you. In clipped tones, he says, "Place yourself on the very edge of establishing a transference link, through a persistent link. At first you'll only be able to support two such manifestations, and what you get is rather random. With skill, you can support up to four such links, and what you get from the patient is much more stable." Shaking his head, he mutters, "Telling's no good for stuff like this... have to -show- you..."

The guildleader peers at you as if inspecting a medical specimen, then roughly takes your forearm. You sense Salvur deepening the link first established by his touch, placing himself on the verge of establishing a transference link. You sense a dull, aching pain rising in Salvur and slowly realize that the pain you feel from him is his sense of -your- own pain. Just as a tingling sensation begins to wash through you, you feel Salvur break the link.

Salvur shudders with distaste and says, "That's how it's done. You should be able to do it. Go practice."
Effect: , , , , Slowly heals those who share the link with you, as long as they are in the same room.
Messaging: You deepen your link with [Patient], placing yourself on the verge of establishing a transference link. A dull ache rises in your throat as [Patient]'s pain begins to seep through the connection to you.


  • To use this you must first establish a Persistent Link with your patient, then establish a Hand of Hodierna link.
  • Heals on a pulse similar to how Regenerate works on an empath.
  • More Empathy will increase the amount of wounds taken per pulse.
  • Sample messaging of wound transfers:
    A tide of pain rises within you as you gradually draw the hurts from [Patient]'s body.
    You sense that [Patient]'s external chest wounds are fully healed.
    You sense that [Patient]'s internal chest wounds are fully healed.

This is a fairly slow transfer; it starts out a little random, hence a bit more dangerous to the empath than normal healing. For amount healing X on the patient, the empath gets anything between 1X and 3X in wound, so they have to be alert to ensure that their multiple patients and wounds don't become overwhelming. There is no way to know what was going to come across or exactly how bad it will be. The randomness decreases with skill until the empath consistently gets a 1:1 transfer at around 600 ranks. However, since this is a slow healing ability, the most you will ever get at once is nine points of "wound," which is about halfway to a bleeder, for reference.

The empath starts with the ability to form two such links at 80th circle/440 ranks, three at around 500 ranks, and four at around 560 ranks. In addition to reducing randomness, additional skill allows an empath to transfer more wound per person, though the total amount still caps out fairly low.

It will also pulse a small amount of vitality to those missing it, assuming they are not dead. It will also fail if the Empath falls unconscious.

The Hand of Hodierna is meant to teach quite well, though not in such large bursts as vanilla healing or unity, and it mainly aimed at group hunting situations.


LINK <target's name> HODIERNA - Establishes a manifestation of the Hand of Hodierna link
LINK <target's name> HODIERNA CANCEL - Ends a specific manifestation of the Hand of Hodierna link
LINK ALL HODIERNA CANCEL - Ends all manifestations of the Hand of Hodierna