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In Magic 3.0 a focus is a magical item that will help the magician to prepare three types of spells.

Ritual Focus

Ritual foci come in several flavors. There are limited used foci that work only for a specific spellbook, there are unlimited use ritual foci that work for any spell within a mana type, and there are true universal foci that work with any ritual spell. A few commonly-available examples are listed below:

You must INVOKE the focus during the preparation of your ritual spell. Doing this considerably eases the ability to cast the ritual spell your focus is attuned to. You can STUDY a focus for additional description of its use. Using FOCUS on a focus allows you to determine what type of focus (spellbook, mana, or universal) they are.

There is an Arcana requirement to invoke a ritual focus. The Arcana requirement is dependent on the spell.

Sorcery Focus

Targeted Magic Focus

A Targeted Magic focus enchantment will modify your Targeted Magic spells (to provide a damage boost, for example) from the time you INVOKE it. The focus must remain in your right hand after being invoked to use its effect.

The Arcana requirement to use a Targeted Magic focus is tied to the strength of the enchantment.

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