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The COLLECT command is used to collect piles of items in the surroundings based on the foraging skill. Piles generally have 4 units of the specified item.


  • COLLECT <item>


  • Basic use results in 15 seconds.

Additional Notes

  • KICK <item> will destroy the pile.
  • Piles have a different look depending on the Forager's guild.
    • Barbarian: ??
    • Bard: An artful arrangement of rocks that might resemble a pile if you stare at it long enough.
    • Cleric: A cairn-like mound of rocks.
    • Empath: A pile of rocks skillfully arranged to prevent the materials from shifting, at least in public.
    • Moon Mage: An archaic configuration of rocks that might look like a pile in a different light.
    • Paladin: ??
    • Ranger: ??
    • Thief: ??
    • Trader: ??
    • Warrior Mage: ??