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There are four types of wyvern, all found on Wyvern Mountain near Shard:

Critter type Overall
Young wyvern 124
Juvenile wyvern 143
Adult wyvern 160
Bone wyvern 195

They are known to eat korograth.

From the Anatomy Chart

Hunched forward on two immense legs, the mature wyvern towers at a height to rival that of a mature redwood, fore claws drawn and looking poised to lash outwards at a moment's notice. The enormous triangular skull bears sharp, dragonish features, most notably the curled snarl. Perfect for separating flesh from bone, the scimitar-sized teeth are prominently displayed across the maw. An armor of tower shield-sized scales covers its hulking frame from head to tail, bearing the scars earned during its less formidable years. Two expansive leathery-black wings arch outward from its back, each equipped with a three-clawed talon midway down its length. Four rows of razor-sharp spikes follow the ridges of its neck to end in a tight cluster at the tip of its monstrous tail that is raised like an enormous mace. The artist notes that these legendary beasts are said to be usually found in pairs.


ItemSource isRare item
Battle-scarred bronze wyvernWyvern Trials gifts and prizestrue
Bejeweled wyvern-headed mace with a dragonwood haftWyrmtongue's Warestrue
Black dragonwood longbow with a leather-wrapped gripWyrmtongue's Warestrue
Black suede pants embroidered with a writhing wyvern along one legMahchoe's Men's Shop (1)true
Blackened steel helm crested with wickedly barbed bonestrue
Blackened wyvern perched atop a snowcapped cambrinth mountainBerengaria Carttrue
Blue-tinted chain hauberk embellished with wyvern hidestrue
Blued-steel buckler with a wyvern-shaped bossFate's Fortune's Gamestrue
Blued-steel sabre with a carved dragonfire amber pommelWyrmtongue's Warestrue
Bog oak pipe with a wyvern's head shaped bowlThorkim Family Farm 429/Pig MazeGlass egg framed with delicate strands of gold/prizestrue
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